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Meet the Florida Office of Drug Control

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Have you ever pondered on the question, “who is responsible for monitoring drug trends in Florida? ” The Florida office of Drug Control was established to address the current issue of drug abuse in the state. The major goal was to ‘protect our youth from substance abuse. ’ The collaboration of this institution with the Department of Law Enforcement, Department of Education, Department of Children and Families, Prevention Coalitions, and Treatment Providers has enabled a prevention strategy to be successfully developed. The latest trends in this field have been used.

The three strategic approaches which should be used are Prevention, Treatment and Law Enforcement. There is nothing better than preventing youth from the troubles of substance abuse. With the help of key stake holders, a strategic approach has been used to prevent youth from trying illegal substances. There are six key elements in the prevention of substance abuse: individuals, family, friends, school, community and the society. The second approach used is treatment. There are many individuals who are already addicted. Fortunately, there are ways to get addicts out of their bad habits.

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Many treatments have been proven to be very effective to help overcome this difficult way of life. Partnership with treatment centers has increased treatment availability for those who need it. The Office of Drug Control’s main priority is to decrease the supply and demand for illegal substances in Florida State. With the help of Law enforcement department the drug issue is easily addressed. The Office of Drug Control has been involved in some initiatives, which include Florida Gang Reduction Strategy, and Methamphetamine. The Florida Gang Reduction Strategy is a program to discourage our youth from joining criminal gangs.

These gangs not only introduce teenagers to the world of drugs but also encourage them to get involved in criminal acts. Gang members put themselves in life threatening situations. They also create misery for ordinary citizens. By implementing the prevention program, Florida’s youth will be able to reject all gang activities. They will not be motivated to join after being approached by cult leaders. This strategy also attempts to stop the decreasing number of gangs by giving them an option to leave the gang and change themselves in an effective rehabilitation process.

The Office of Drug Control has taken positive steps to improve the quality of living for Florida’s youth. In collaboration with the key government departments and members of the society, they have been able to point out the areas that need to be targeted, to make Florida a drug free state. Stay informed about the newest drug trends this office has been able to pin point. Get information on prescription drugs and much more. For more information about the Office of Drug Control visit www. flgov. com/drugcontrol/.

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