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Colleges should provide as much money for sports

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In todays generation book is not the only knowledge which is enough for practical life, practical knowledge is equally important as the knowledge which we get from books. In context of Nepal schools and colleges don't seem to provide as much money for sports activities as they provide for libraries. Many people think that book gives us all the cognition but I disagree. We live in a generation filled with competing students. Yes, it is true that studies are the most important pillar for student's good uture but sports is equally important.

Regular participation in sport activities will help a student to keep his/her body fit and mind fresh. If students are involved in sports then they will know what they're good at, because there is a very good career in sports too and they may even choose to follow that career. Colleges spend too much money for libraries but hesitate to spend money for sports but it is not healthy to do so even biologically because if a student only studies and doesn't take part in ny sports activities then his mind automatically becomes dull and all that he has studied might not get inside his head, which will be useless.

Its 21st century, a modernized time, where people are interested in people who are good at both education as well as sports. It isn't enough for people to be good Just studies; they should also be good at sports. As it is said "A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body', Just like that sports helps us our maintain our physical fitness nd mental abilities come to the conclusion that a good physical condition creates a strong mental power.

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Colleges should provide as much money for sports

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Just studying makes people dull and Just sitting in one place for a long time makes us lazy and physically unfit. I know we students should study but we should also give our body some time to relax by playing games so that it can get some break by all that studying. Some parents might think sports are unnecessary but it is actually very important for a child to go out and play and have some fun.

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