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In sports the role of a coach is important it has the profound responsibility in which the he or she is over all in charge to lead the team towards the goodness for the betterment of both athletes and the team. A coach role can be characterized as designer and planner on the strategy of the team specially formulated to achieve success in a specific field of sports. A coach serve as the leader, the mentor and the engineer of the team in which he or she is in charge of the over all management of the team.

Furthermore, coaches are responsible for training the athletes to their reputable field of sports and assess their performance in accordance to their improvement as an athlete. They are also in charge to provide encouragement and guidance to their athlete to and lead them to maximize their full potential as an athlete in able to improve their sports performance. Moreover, the role of coaches does not concentrate on the aspect of sports only rather a coach role is extended to guide their athlete in sports and in real life. The role of coaches varies and can be classified to different manner, which can be cited as an – instructor, mentor, motivator, counselor, adviser, supporter and facilitator. (

Nevertheless, the role of coaches plays an important role in the team and in the life of its athletes. One of the most important roles of coaches is to be a fountain of knowledge. Coaches can be great influence to its athletes in which he or she has the ability to lead them towards the success in both sports and in life. Also, coaches can be the best friend of their athletes, which he or she can be an adviser for its player in difficult time. One example of a great and effective leader as a coach is Lane Kiffin.

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 Lane Kiffin is the head coach of a popular football teams the Oakland raiders. Coach Lane Kiffin is the youngest coach in National Football League (NFL) history who made it on top as a head coach of a national football team at the young age of 32 years old. Lane Kiffin was born in the year 1975 on the 9th day of May and the son of former veteran head coach of National Football League (NFL) Monte Kiffin, which is now the defensive coordinator for the Tampa bay Buccaneers. (Oakland Raiders Online) As a coach Lane Kiffin has graduated from high school in Bloomington Jefferson high School and graduated from college in Fresno State University four years after he graduated from high school 1998. After a stint as quarterback for the Bulldogs, Lane Kiffin moved directly to coach the football team of his former collegiate institution the Fresno State University.

In the year 2007 Lane Kiffin was hired by the President and owner of the Raiders Al Davis as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders on the 23rd day of January. Although, Al Davis a president and team owner of a football team is know n to hire young and up coming coaches on their thirties to lead his team the Oakland, Raiders. Nevertheless, the decision of Al Davis to hire Lane Kiffin has made Kiffin to be the youngest coach in National Football League (NFL) history.

Coach Lane Kiffin as the head coach of Oakland raiders had faced many difficulties in coaching. On his first year as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin had encounter controversies in which rumor reported that he was asked by Al Davis to resign as the head coach. This report had been the content of sports write ups and sports television news. Beside this entire rumor Lane Kiffin stayed focused and did not lose his composure and he just continue to pursue his job as the head coach of Oakland Raiders. (ESPN Internet Ventures) Nevertheless, Lane Kiffin had overcome this rumor and concentrated his thought on how to improve his current team the Oakland Raiders. This is a clear indication that Coach Lane Kiffin though young at age is tough just like the other veteran coach.

I choose Lane Kiffin as my model coach, due to his profound capability and confidence to take over the challenging position as a head coach of a football team. At the young age of 32, Coach Lane Kiffin had showcased his talent to be hired as the youngest head coach in the entire National Football League (NFL) history. Also, Coach Lane Kiffin as the head coach of a football team had make the most of his talent along with his confidence, which inspires me strive harder to reach my specific goal. Furthermore, the story of Coach Lane Kiffin had made me realized that age is not a barrier to portray bigger roles rather through talents and confidence success is attainable.

As a the new head coach of the Oakland Raiders, Coach Lane Kiffin had brought inspiration to his team as he implement reorganization to the Oakland Raiders. Coach Lane Kiffin admits that his job as the Oakland Raiders head coach is not the easiest job in the whole world. (ESPN Internet Venture) Due to this Coach Lane Kiffin had doubled his efforts to reach success in the up coming 2008 National Football League (NFL). Furthermore, Coach Lane Kiffin had brought the confidence to the Oakland Raiders as he continuous to coach the team and work under with the “General Manager” Al Davis. (ESPN Internet Venture)

On the story of Coach Lane Kiffin, I learned that in able to succeed I must follow my dreams and work harder to reach the success. Also, on the case of Coach Lane Kiffin I learned that age is not the barrier to reach success in the field that I choose to do. With full confidence to accept the challenges will follow success towards the achievement of my goal. Furthermore, I learned on the case of Coach Lane Kiffin that different barriers to achieve my goal should not hold me back rather to move further to reach success.

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