Philosophy of coaching

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Many coaches have their own philosophy to live by. Some coaches are to win, some are to teach the players to be responsible, and some are to allow the players to Just have fun. When the word philosophy comes to mind I immediately think of the words and accomplishments a coach should live by. My coaching philosophy is one that is not fully developed. Right now my philosophy is to win but at the same time teach my players to be responsible. Of course everything is easier in words than it is to follow UT in actions.

The way I plan to do this is by having the players become dedicated to the program and in the classroom. Grade checks will be sent out every week and attendance will be taking every day at practice. If a player has a G. P. A under a 2. 5 they will have to continue to get grade checks until the end of the year. If a player misses morning weights they will have to run at practice unless it is an excused miss. Also if they miss an afternoon practice they will out a quarter for each day they miss.

Doing all of these I believe I can have a group of responsible young men eager to play and excited to win. With all the hard work there will be time for play. Every day there will a competition between offense and defense or lard buts and skinny farts. Winner will be able to get out of conditions for the day. These are all the things I plan to do when I am a coach. I believe if I use these guidelines to start off my career I can build my philosophy to become a great coach.

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