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There were so many spot that got particle of dust. For example, we approach there so many unclean part from the first time we go in. Like the spot near the connecting door, there were so many dust there.

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Maybe rheum hotel can improve their cleanliness by checking their staff work after they finish their work or change their equipment into more modern one to make the room more cleaner. Because to some person who have allergic in dust, they will not satisfied stay in Rheum Hotel.

Under the basin there were also some unclean yellow spot that we approached. We suggest that Rheum Hotel should more notice the unseen part such as corner of the room or basin’s under so that the guests will stay pleasantly. The window in the room is also dirty. We found some finger print there and oil-dust spot there. Our suggestion is Rheum Hotel should pay attention to the little things of their rooms like window because even a little things can drop down their mark in guests’ view. Another thing that we saw on the first time we arrived at Rheum is on the table, there was a drink used spot.

This is proved that Rheum Hotel really don’t mind their cleanliness because even in the seen spot they don’t mind their cleanliness. Inside the refrigerator we Olson assess that Rheum Hotel hardly ever clean it because refrigerator should be the most clean spot because it is a spot were the guest usually put their food. How can the place where you place your food become so dirty? In conclusion, we hope that Rheum Hotel will pay attention to their cleanliness because as a guest we really disappointed to their cleanliness aspects as there were so many spot that got particle of dust and unclean spot.

So that we suggest Rheum Hotel to mind their cleanliness by upgrade their tool and equipment to the new one to clean guests’ rooms or maybe Rheum can employ the internship students so they will work hardly because internship is part of their graduate mark. SERVICE According to us, Rheum Hotel’s services is not really satisfying because they claims that they are a boutique hotel but in fact they service is far from what boutique hotel required. Usually, boutique hotel services are often individual and focused on offering their services in a comfortable, intimate, and welcoming setting.

We disappointed because Rheum Hotel didn’t give us a services as we expected. The staff didn’t even sent us to the room or explain how to use our room card in the lift to reach our room. One of the most important factor that boutique hotel should have is the staff of boutique hotel should have sense of predict what the guests need or want. The staff should know in advance the needs and the requirements of the guests than Just responding it when the guests ask. From our experience, even we have ask they didn’t do it. For example, we want 1 more extra body towel and 1 more extra towel cause there was 3 of us in the room.

But check-out time we didn’t get the towels that we asked. We also disappointed to the way Rheum Hotel treated us. We are student in Tailor’s University so our expectation of Rheum Hotel is quite high. They treated us just as a students but not as a guest in the hotel. According to our complaint, we suggest that Rheum Hotel can employ more professional staff so Rheum Hotel can improve their services to the guest. Whether they can Just train their current staff to be a better staff of boutique hotel as they claim they are.