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Citizenship in the World, Bsa Merit Badge.

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| Citizenship in the World| Counselor: Jack P. Wiiki| | | 8/26/2012| | Requirement 1) “What does Citizenship in the world mean to you, and what does it take to become one? ” Citizenship in the World, meaning that one ultimately is motivated to defend and preserve human rights, and human dignity. Has an interest in an assortment of global interests, and fairness to nations other than their own and it's allies. This person would have respect for fellow human beings, regardless of race, gender, religion, or nationality, and works to protect the world from degradation.

Requirement 2) “How does one become a United States citizen, and what are the rights, duties and obligations of these citizens, and two other countries? ” United States: 1. Are at least 18 years old and a lawful permanent resident ("green card" holder); 2. Have resided continuously in the United States, having been lawfully admitted for permanent residence, for five years immediately preceding the date you filed your application for naturalization, or 3. Have, after having been removed from conditional permanent resident status, based upon your marriage to a U.

S. citizen, having resided in the United States for one year after the date the condition was removed; 4. Have resided continuously in the United States at all times after your application to the time and date of your admission for citizenship; 5. Have, during all periods of time referred to above, been and still are a person of good moral character; 6. Have no outstanding deportation or removal order and no pending deportation or removal proceeding; 7. Have the ability to read, write, speak, and understand simple words and phrases in English; 8.

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Have knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of U. S. history and government; 9. Are attached to, and can support, the principles of the U. S. Constitution and can swear allegiance to the United States. Iran: 1. the applicant should be 18 years old. 2. Five years of consecutive or alternate residence in Iran is required. 3. The applicants should have served their military service. 4. The applicants should not be convicts of any major crime or non-political offense in any country.

Of course, given the revision of the nation's Penal Code and the elimination of such terms as offense and crime, Paragraph 4 of the Civil Code Article 979 should likewise be revised. It should be noted, however, that the government might refrain from granting Iranian citizenship to aliens either on account of political reasons or for the protection of national security. The admission of such applications might, therefore, require the Cabinet's approval. Switzerland: Naturalization Swiss citizenship can be acquired through what is called naturalization.

To become naturalized, you need to have resided in Switzerland for at least twelve years, three of which occurred within the five years prior to the request. Time spent in Switzerland between the ages of 10 and 20 years counts double. The request is to be made to the Aliens Police in the municipality of residence. From there, it will then be sent to the Federal Department of Justice and Police, who will give a principle authorization if the following conditions are met: You are integrated in the Swiss community. You are accustomed to Swiss way of life and practices.

You comply with the Swiss legal system. You in no way compromise the internal or external security of Switzerland. Since Switzerland is a federal country, authorization must then be obtained from the canton and the municipality. The canton and municipality of residence can add further conditions and set the cost of acquiring citizenship before approving it. Conditions vary greatly from one region to the next. Some municipalities apply rather open policies, while others will go as far as granting nationality by means of a local population vote.

Cost also varies according to municipality and canton. Requirement 3) Current Event: Syrian Civil War Excerpt from CNN “The Syrian regime, led by President Bashar al-Assad, launched a violent crackdown last year on activists demanding more economic prosperity, political freedom and civil liberties. This sparked a nationwide uprising and eventually a civil war with armed rebels, many of whom defected from the military. As of July, the conflict had claimed an estimated 17,000 lives, mostly civilians, according to the United Nations.

And more than 170,000 people have fled the Middle East nation to seek refuge in neighboring countries such as Iraq, Jordan and Turkey. “ Requirement 3A) “How a foreign country (France) is a global provider and it’s economy and global relations” Geography: The European portion of France, excluding islands and overseas territories is 211,209 sq miles. Natural Resources: Are limited, and most are either nearly exhausted, or very hard to obtain, Coal, Iron Ore, Bauxite, and small portions of Uranium.

Climate Influence: The north and northwest have a temperate climate, while a combination of maritime influences, latitude and altitude produce a varied climate in the rest of Metropolitan France. In the south-east a Mediterranean climate prevails. In the west, the climate is predominantly oceanic with a high level of rainfall, mild winters and cool to warm summers, along with the very fertile soil, provides a very good growing season, and allows for the growing of many forests, and tourist attractions. Inland the climate becomes more continental with hot, stormy summers, colder winters and less rain.

The climate of the Alps and other mountainous regions is mainly alpine, with the number of days with temperatures below freezing over 150 per year and snow cover lasting for up to six months. Global Partnerships: a leading member of the International Francophone Organization (OIF) of fifty-one fully or partly French-speaking countries, and World Trade Organization. Requirement 4C) “What do the U. N and the World Court do for the world? ” U. N: Is an international organization who aims for facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achievement of world peace.

World Court: Its main functions are to settle legal disputes submitted to it by sovereign states and to provide opinions on legal questions submitted to it by international agencies. Requirement 5) Previously Discussed. Requirement 6) “How is government represented abroad? And how is the U. S accredited to international organizations? ” A government is recognized through embassies and consulates in all nations with which they have diplomatic relations. The United States government has been accredited to international organizations by signing into organizations and becoming an official member.

They participate in the happenings of the many different organizations and do their best to help whatever cause the organization is promoting. Requirement 7) To Be Discussed. Democratic Republic(USA)- Star Communist (North Korea, China, Vietnam)-Equal Sign Dictatorship (Cuba, Venezuela) -“No” Symbol Monarchy (Saudi Arabia, Monaco) -X Theocracy (Iran) -Sun Democratic Republic(USA)- Star Communist (North Korea, China, Vietnam)-Equal Sign Dictatorship (Cuba, Venezuela) -“No” Symbol Monarchy (Saudi Arabia, Monaco) -X Theocracy (Iran) -Sun

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