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Citizenship the inderviduals and society

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Some differences within equality include: Age Disabilities Gender Gender reassignment Sexual orientation Marriage and civil partnership Pregnancy or maternity Race Religious beliefs There is now a variety or legislations in place in order to make sure people re employed or in some cases not, purely on worth and qualifications and not because of their age, gender or race.

Despite these being in place there is still significant inequalities, some examples of this would be: The importance of equal opportunities in society Unemployment in ethnic minority communities is, on average, twice the rate in white communities and members of ethnic minority groups find it twice as hard as white people to secure jobs. - Black and Asian people are 16% more likely than white people to be highly qualified, but highly qualified black and Asian people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as white people.

Black and Asian people are 16% more likely than white people to be highly qualified, but highly qualified black and Asian people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as white people. There are thousands of cases every year and many are not reported. Woman, despite the passing of the sex discrimination laws almost 30 years ago, hold fewer than of the most senior jobs in public life. % of the country's top business leaders and national newspaper editors are women. But women account for 45% of the workforce and 30% of managers. The public sector is a leader in the area of equal opportunities and they expect their public services to lead from the front. The public services are encouraging the elimination of discrimination within the services. Then to promote good relations in local community and to ensure their workforce reflects this.

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It is also important for the public services to recognize that different backgrounds and cultures and that this will affect what they need from them as a service. The importance Of equal opportunities in the public services # The public services have a legal and moral responsibility to eliminate discrimination within the service and to remote good relations between them and the population in its local community. The public services should ensure their workforce reflects the communities it services.

It is important that the public services understand that the public have different backgrounds that affect what they need from them. UP: Illustrate how equal opportunities are enforced in the UK with reference appropriate legislation The equality act was enforced in October of 201 0, this new equality act replaces all previous legislations, in a single law making it easier to understand and strengthens prevention of discrimination. It also helps by setting out the different ways in which it's unlawful to treat someone.

The Equality Act 2010 covers nine protected characteristics, making it unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of: Age Disability Gender reassignments Pregnancy and maternity Religion or belief The act covers the fields of: Employment Facilities Goods and services Admission and treatment of students Most sign efficiently the extension of the public sector duty to promote equality of opportunities. Human rights act 1998 Your human rights are: 1. The right to life 2. Freedom from torched and degrading treatment 3.

Freedom from slavery and forced labor 4. The right to liberty 5. The right to a fair trial 6. The right not to be punished for something that wasn't a crime when you did it 7. The right to respect for privet and family life 8. Freedom of thought, concise and religion, and freedom to express your beliefs 9. Freedom of expression 10. Freedom of assembly and association 11. The right to marry and to start a family 12. The right not to be discriminated against in respect Of these rights and freedoms 13.

The right to peaceful enjoyment of your property 14. The right to an education 15. The right to participate in free elections 6. The right not to be subject to the death penalty The Equality Act 201 0 The Equality Act 201 0 simplifies the current laws on discrimination and unfair treatment and puts them together in one piece of legislation. The Equality Act 201 0 covers nine protected characteristics, making it unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of: 1. Age 2. Disability 3. Gender reassignments 4.

Marriage and civil partnership 5. Pregnancy and maternity 6. 7. Religion or belief 8. Gender 9. Sexual orientation Most significantly the extension of the public sector duty to promote equality of opportunities. The freedom of information act 2000 Personal information - you are entitled to see information held about you. Official information - you are entitled to request official information held by public authorities, including government departments, local authorities, hospitals, schools and police forces.

Public sector equality duty, the general duty: The new public sector equality duty is expected to cover all of the protected characteristics apart from marriage and civil partnership and will require public sector bodies to have due to regard to the need to: Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and visitation Advance equality of opportunities between different age groups; and Foster good relations between different groups Public sector equality duties, the specific duties public bodies are required to: Be open to how they have engaged with people as part of their work towards fulfilling the aims of the equal duty Demonstrate how the impact on equality has been assessed in the design if key policies and service delivery initiatives Proactively consider the equality requirements of every contract they tender The specific Duties public bodies are required to: Develop and publish equality objectives how they intend to achieve them (to e renewed at least every areas) publish a range Of equality data relating to their workforce and the service they provide on an annual basis Need to public their gender pay gap figures and their employment rates for black and minority ethnic staff and disabled staff on an annual basis UP: Explain the different ways in which public services have supported society Some examples of the public services as employers supporting equal opportunities are: Creating coherent race equality and diversity policies across the service this shows that the public services have got clear rules of what they will and ill not stand for within equality and racism. They also have a no tolerance approach to bullying within the work place and support groups for people of different backgrounds and beliefs.

Have selection processes designed to include not exclude - this includes having recruitment adverts to appeal to all, not to exclude different types of people. They have also got to be seen as setting an example for other employers and therefore have to have a noticeable variety in they people thy employ. Individual religious beliefs can be catered for, for example Sikh men can wear turbans as part of their inform, and Muslim women can wear hajjis and ankle length gowns while on duty - this shows that the services are willing to adapt to meet the needs of people. They also allow time off to attend religious festivals and days can be granted. There are also provisions prayer rooms and special diets.

Ensuring premises are accessible to people with different disabilities and provision is made for people with hearing or sight disabilities - this includes having wheelchair ramps and automatic doors, for disabled accesses. As well as having the appropriate measures in place for people with disabilities such as sight or hearing. Although these are just a few examples of the wide range of things that this act covers, and all of these examples are supported by the 201 0 equality act, in addition they support equal opportunities. How have the public services helped society? Are service - the fire service help society by acting as a first response during accident and emergencies, some examples of these would be Art's or house fires.

The fire service also helps to educate people about fire and safety; they achieve this by going into local schools and businesses they also go to public areas and give out fire alarms. Police force ; The police force help society in a rarity of ways depending on different things, for example location, although the typical responsibilities include keeping the peace, law enforcement, and investigation of crime. Navy - The role of the navy is to help society by protecting the country by controlling and protects the seas this is so that a country can use them for economic growth; they also work as a support network for the military, and are also there to help to protect power, using marine forces.

UP: Demonstrate the different ways in which public services have affected society Statutory and non-statutory public services can have a age impact within society and on one another, some examples of these include: Community support, this could be doing things like education for schools or some more challenging tasks Acting as a force group to encourage change They can also campaign for increased resources and therefore support the community better, although people think that this should not be the role of the services Influence and to encourage the government to change or bring in new laws Give the government advice about social issues such as knife crime Support and campaign issues that people may not otherwise be aware of The media A collective term for the ways in which both Statutory and non-statutory service communicate information this is made up of types of communication such as the newspaper, television, radio, internet/ social networking, books, journal articles and service magazines. Public services used media in many different ways like appealing for information, safety warnings, improving their public image. Also the way that the media portray the services affects this too as if they focus more on negatives such as deaths in custody then this may cause some resentment and anger towards them.

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