Chick-Fil-a Market-Oriented Strategy

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Case Study: Chick-fil-A “Eat Mor Chikin” (Except on Sundays)

1. Chick- fil-A is following several market-oriented strategies that differentiate it from its competitors. Looking at page 33, a marketing strategy specifies a target market and a related marketing mix. Its primary target market is more adult and female as it is offering mainly chicken products: “healthier” alternative to hamburgers. They also advertise using high-quality ingredients. Following this strategy, Chick-fil-A is mainly located in malls and in neighborhoods that have high concentration of its target customers.

Chick- fil-A also positions itself as a strong Christian company and closes its stores on Sundays. It creates an emotional connection with local communities by supporting local schools, churches, and organizations. Chick- fil-A also differentiates itself from other fast food restaurants by offering a one of a kind experience by focusing on a strong commitment to customer service, making customers feel like they are in a fancy establishment. It does so through intensive training and customer surveys. It also is targeting small children by offering educational books in its kid’s meal while fulfilling its social responsibility

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2.The political environment can affect the marketing strategies implemented by Chick-fil-A. Dan Cathy recently said that Chick-fil-A supported the “biblical definition of the family unit”. While this single statement crystallized its position in the market, rallied its loyalists, and started a national conversation, it did not go so well with Disney, which booted Chick-fil-A off its grounds. I can imagine that it would not go so well in states, which are less religious and more spiritual.

3. Chick- fil-A believes in achieving greater quality before expanding, and has so far been mostly located in the South while slowly expanded to other states.While closing on Sunday is a competitive advantage in the South, I don’t believe it would be in States in the North East and out West, where religion is less prevalent and spiritually more pervasive.

4. I don’t think other retailers should consider closing stores on Sunday unless they are primarily located in the South and are planning on staying local. In that case, I would recommend calculating the expected sales and costs over 5 years for each scenario and see which one is more beneficial.

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