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Accounting-People Oriented

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Is the hotel service of the highest frequency words in one, but how to understand the "people-oriented", and fell at the service Implementation, but not so simple. Four Seasons Hotel prior to the opening trial of business is not facing society, but to face the staff, commissioning a month, the staff try to eat a month, identify problems, stop at any time, In order to ensure the quality of the opening one hundred percent. This Is a people - the guests when the hotel can not be "Guiana pigs.

From this concept, the Four Seasons Hotel is no interns. Employees must be strengthened into the store a series of training to meet the requirements of posts, appointment is a formal work - services must be perfect for guests, not the internship process. A defect In the current hotel is the rooms, restaurants, PA, recreational and other first-line lack of understanding among the various departments, the hotel also provides that employees of various departments can not "string Kong," and this will inevitably affect the overall service quality and team spirit.

The last of a series of raining is to allow employees to do the day the guests, In addition to free room arrangements, and the other 600 distributed to staff, the staff wear casual consumption in the hotel, dining, fitness, the bar can be, requiring employees to stand in the guest point of the hotel experience, understanding customers. Proceeding to create a high degree of satisfaction with the service, and also from the beginning so that employees of various departments of the hotel have a comprehensive understanding facilitate future communication and coordination among departments.

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Four Seasons Hotel "people-oriented" high level of protection is n important embodiment of the guests right to privacy and equal respect for each guest. This Is, in our country, both conceptual Issues, but also the difficulty of the operation, while the Four seasons Hotel In respect of human rights Is the undying honor. - To the room, into the elevator key card to be plugged in, it stopped back in the appropriate floor. The hotel public areas without permission will be allowed to take pictures, because many people In public places, even seemingly private photos, but the background may still be related to other people, which have generated the aground of the possible infringement, which is strictly prohibited . If you really need camera can tell you specifically for the hotel arrangements. Each house guests are all equal, even if there is an important guests arrived, the hotel main entrance Is still to be set aside for dally guest channel and out of lanes and not allow sealed. If there is a conflict, the Four Seasons Hotel would rather not take the PIP guests have to absolutely guarantee the normal conditions of service. - Do not allow media access to the lobby guests take photos, such as: David Buckram's "Posh" wife to Shanghai, the toll cordoned off at the door, the media must not go beyond.

The more so, is the absolute guarantee that the store's environmental quality, the guests privacy and freedom of movement. Media sometimes complained, but the principle unswervingly adhere to the Four Seasons Hotel. Personalized Four Seasons service quality is the bigger and more extreme, the cost of large, difficult to have the hotel can afford. SYNC TV united States President to Shanghai, the hotel Immediately contact professional organizations in Shanghai, the purchase of decoders, dedicated to the 1 OFF

SYNC line II rooms Witt Conic's channels Ana a Selene well-producer special programs; to the president of Pepsi-cola, the room All put on PepsiCo products; Philips president stayed, the rooms are full of Philips lighting replaced; Toast's chairman, the head of the bed put a label marked with the model of Toyota cars; Samsung Electronics Company President of stay, hotel suites spared no expense to the other brands of high plasma TV removed and replaced by the latest models Samsung products.

These benefits not only the boss, that is, a child, but also an equal footing. To store that also brought along a couple of old child, a child of the hotel immediately coupled with bathrobes, slippers and children, balloons and other small toys, extra bed is also consistent with the child's height. It can be said, as long as visitor information, the Four Seasons Hotel are fully in place beforehand.

Never use the hotel services, car floor, because the car, then most of the time during the day there are services out of the way the surface floor, guests have to sidle over, rude, tasteless, garbage bags on board the service, not elegant, another odor. At the same mime, there is baggage car floor, but there will be impact phenomena. Each floor of the hotel which had a small linen, the maintenance of daily turnover.

Rooms at the Four Seasons hotel, only one printed on both sides "do not disturb" the morning of the plate, but not "come forward to clean" message. Shop CLC said that if there "dashing clean", which means that the hotel's commitment to the guests, it is not able to be kept. If the same floor a number of guests 10 rooms, while immediate cleaning is not feasible, and the guests is not to immediately clean up the worry level. Therefore, the hotel prompted guests, as long as the call to immediately clean up, immediately put in place, we must meet.

The clean rooms and facilities engineering maintenance rooms must close the door, this is for hotel guests and staff security and privacy considerations. Close the door, the staff will hang outside the card - "We are cleaning your room. " Room table, covered with high-strength glass, in fact, everyone knows the problem, at home, in the office, all on the table, and the public use of the hotel room table, glass and India produce, and even cigarette butts, there ill be hot scorch , which gives the guests have the old sense of being damaged.

Covered with glass, to resolve to the problem. Of course, under glass do not go into this kind of written material, a messy desktop, visual, taste is reduced. Of course, the name of such services, such as customers, it is essential. Floor attendant pocket has a piece of paper on which was written the name of this floor guests, guest name to see the greeting guests pay tribute to revered. The world has a different pronunciation of the language features, the hotel guests of different nationalities can best be understood.

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