Campaign to Make Awareness About Ocean Pollution

Last Updated: 26 Jan 2021
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Campaign to make awareness about ocean pollution Background The current environmental issue of ocean pollution in Dubai which is spreading rapidly due to lack of awareness. Gulf countries depend heavily on seawater desalination for drinking water. But experts warns that pollution of gulf water could soon make it impossible to treat seawater for human consumption. According to ram Prasad a oil and gas expert in Dubai claims that increasing urbanisation led to dumping of sewage, hazardous waste and toxic chemicals in to the sea (Janardhan, 2004) Target Public

Ocean pollution is a sector which is not taken seriously. There is awareness’ in the government but the regulations and rules must change to reduce the impact and make the public more aware about the situation. The primary target of the campaign is to make the main governmental authorities involved in water resource management to take an action about the current ocean pollution. Getting attention of main governmental authorities such as : * The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries The Ministry of Electricity and Water * The General Water Resources Authority * The Federal Environmental Agency Objective The primary objective is to get the attention on governmental authorities to take the matter in to their hands by cooperating . for example oil spill is a serious issue how can they help to prevent it? What new laws could be built? Secondary objective is to make the general public aware of ocean pollution so that they won’t contribute to it. Message

The message of the campaign would be “SAVE THE WATERS” which would influence the authorities and public to act upon it. Strategy/ channel and tactics Our stragedy of awareness is mainly based on media. Trough social networking sites to spread the message. Organising events to grab the public attention. News letters on leading newspapers such as gulf news sponsored by authorities. Timetable The time table would contain the days where campaigns will be held. Time and locations. Timetable

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