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Campaign to Make Awareness About Ocean Pollution

Campaign to make awareness about ocean pollution Background The current environmental issue of ocean pollution in Dubai which is spreading rapidly due to lack of awareness. Gulf countries depend heavily on seawater desalination for drinking water. But experts warns that pollution of gulf water could …

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What is polluting the ocean?
Common man-made pollutions that reach the sea include pesticides. Many ocean pollutants are released in the environment from far upstream than coastlines.
What is a good thesis statement for ocean pollution?
Thesis Statement Water Pollution can have serious consequences. It is an ongoing problem that continues to impact our lakes, oceans and rivers. One of the major environmental problems is water pollution. It is defined as a change of the chemical or physical status of the waters.
Why is the ocean being polluted?
Marine pollution is a major problem in today's globalized world. Our ocean is being flooded from two main types: chemicals and trash. ... Littering is a major contributor to this accumulation, as are storm winds and poor waste management. 80% of the debris comes from land sources.
What are the causes and effects of ocean pollution?
It's difficult to clean up crude oil. It can be toxic, suffocating, or even deadly for marine life. It also pollutes the ocean with crates that have been lost in an accident, storm, or other emergency. Also, ships cause noise pollution which disrupts the balance of life in the ocean for animals that use echolocation such as whales and dolphins.

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