On Parenting and Caring

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Parenting - the process of raising and nurturing children in a family.

Caring - the process of looking after the needs and wellbeing of another person due to their age, illness or disability.

Biological parents- the parent who has provided the genetic material, either sperm or an ovum, to create a foetus.

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Pregnancy Planned - involves a strategic choice on when to parent. There are physical, emotional and economic impacts that result from this decision.

Unplanned - may result from poor knowledge about contraception, the fertility cycle or failure with contraception such as a condom tearing IVF and GIFT

In-vitro fertilisation:

  1. Occurs outside the body
  2. Drug treatment is used to stimulate the maturation and number of ova
  3. Egg follicles are monitored through ultrasound
  4. Eggs are collected under general anaesthetic
  5. Fresh sperm sample is obtained
  6. Egg and sperm is prepared and cultured, combined and then fertilisation takes place
  7. Following microscopic examination, viable embryos are transferred back into the uterus
  8. Once implanted, pregnancy has occurred
  9. Spare eggs are frozen for the future
  10. Success depends on age, viability of sperm and level of expertise
  11. Gamete intra-fallopian transfer
  12. Occurs inside female body
  13. Drug treatment is used to stimulate the maturation and number of ova
  14. Egg follicles are monitored via ultrasound
  15. Eggs are collected under local anaesthetic
  16. Eggs are combined with fresh sperm sample
  17. They are returned to the fallopian tubes where fertilisation may occur
  18. Once fertilisation occurs, embryo implants in uterus and pregnancy is monitored
  19. Fertilisation occurs inside the body
  20. Much more successful.

Partners may have different visions of family life and parenting styles that need to be reviewed, discussed and adjusted. Poor relationships with step parents are recognised as a significant factor in causing young people to leave home and decrease in academic performance and self esteem and depression

Surrogacy- an arrangement made between a couple who cannot have a baby and a woman who gets pregnant on the couple’s behalf. The child is handed to the couple after delivery Legal implications. It is legally a grey area as it is neither prohibited nor encouraged . Very specific criteria needs to be established for both parties based on an honour agreement that is not legally binding. Payment cannot be made Adoption process needs to be successfully undertaken. Egg and sperm must be from commissioning couple. Commercial couple must be able to prove medical reasons as to why they can’t biologically conceive and that they’ve been trying to conceive for 3 years with unprotected intercourse, and still cant conceive.

Carers may be paid or unpaid. Many circumstances may lead to a person requiring care. Some circumstances are planned and may have been anticipated. Example: a planned pregnancy, adoption or fostering, grand parenting, looking after an ageing parent. Unplanned circumstances are unexpected and thus afford a few preparations in the short term such as: a unplanned pregnancy, grand parenting, a health problem such as operation failures, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, AIDS, multiple sclerosis or cancer, an accident, birth abnormalities and unexpected age deterioration. Some of the implications of caring will relate to management of: was there time to prepare or not?

What is the expected financial expenditure how will it impact on the satisfaction of needs and overall wellbeing? What will be, and who will take on, the roles and responsibilities associated with caring? Voluntary They are unpaid. They are usually family members such as parents, partners, brothers, sisters, friends or children. They provide care and support to children or adults who have disability, mental health problems, chronic condition or a temporary illness. Some are eligible for government benefits, while others are employed in their usual job and undertake caring responsibilities after work and on weekends. The burden of caring can affect the satisfaction on physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs.

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