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It important to build a good relationship with parents, an easy way to do this is to make sure you have good communication with them. For example make sure that you talk them in the appropriate language for example using their manners for example please and thank you. Therefore if you have good commutation skills and good body language when working with parents they are more likely to trust you when looking after their children. Children who can sense that their main carer has a good elationship with the childcare setting are more likely to be happy being left in the setting.

According to Maskell (2010) "This links into the theorist bowlby (1950) who believed in his findings about secure and attachment". Other ways that you can build relationships with a child's parent is that you could have regular contact with them e. g. parent-teacher interview. For example if the child was not feeling well at nursery you would know that they may want to be left alone to sleep or to play quietly. It is also important when building a relationship with parents that you understand what they think is best for their child. As a childcare practitioner you may think that it would be better for the child to learn though playing.

Cooperation - The children see the benefits of people working together and cooperating with each other Consistency - All team members adopt the same approach to the task of caring for children and working with their families Encouragement - Members of the team stimulate, motivate, praise, encourage and upport each other Respect - Team membership satisfies the need to belong and to be respected and to have aims confirmed and shared by others

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