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Business Role Model

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Yunus has received several other national and international honors. He was awarded the U. S. Congressional Gold Medal in 2010 and presented with It at a ceremony at the U. S. Capitol on 17 April 2013. In February 2011, Yunus together with Saskia Bruysten, Sophie Eisenmann and Hans Reitz co-founded Yunus Social Business - Global Initiatives (YSB). YSB creates and empowers social businesses to address and solve social problems around the world. ln 2012, he became Chancellor of Glasgor Caledonian University in Scotland.

He is a member of the advisory board at Shahjalal university of Science and Technology. Previously, he was a professor of economics at Chittagong university In Bangladesh. He published several books related to his finance work. He is a founding board member of Grameen America and Grameen Foundation. which supports microcredit. The reason he inspires me most is because of his potentiality. He is an intelligent man. He knows how to inspire people. I would like to create my own business.  I don't Ilke to be a corporate slave. I Ilke to work free.

And that Is not possible when you work under someone. I would like to be a role-model Just like him. After completing my BBA from North South university would get a Job. Because, to start a business I need money. And to have that money , I need to work in my early career in corporate world. My plan to start a business is after 40 of my age. I am thinking of starting my 1 OF2 business. My plan is to start a Business of bricks. My father has a business of brick- field. The reason I choose bricks is because , there is no loss in it. The need of bricks ill always be there .

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I believe , the main fact of a successful businessman's is Honesty. I believe in honesty. Without honesty it's not possible to reach the top. Plus good behavior is also required. Businessmen like Dr. Yunus ,  were all honest. In this era, communication is also very important. I need to have good relationship with my co-workers. DR. YUNUS believed in himself. He believed that if there is wish, there is a way. And today we can look to his success. Not only he brought success for himself , he also brought great honour for our country.

Today we stand tall in front to the world for him. His determination, his willing of work everything inspires me. He made me understand that if there is determination , you will get success. So its my dream to be a great businessman like Dr. Yunus on day. And I will do my best to get that dream and fulfill it. Because day dreaming is easy but in a developing country like ours, we need to work very hard to make our dream come true. And I'm willing to work hard from my present student life. Business doesn't spread if it's situated in one place.

Business Role Model essay

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