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Waze-Analytical Proposition

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Strategic Value of Information Technology - CRM / Analytics Waze- Analytics Proposition 1. waze currently gathers the following data on its clients: GPS data – where users are and when, the application learns the users driving routes in order to give them the best personalized route to their destination. 2. We propose to add new data regarding user’s personal characteristics and consumer preferences. Once the system detects that the user has stopped in a spot of interest – shopping center, gas station etc. a short questionnaire will pop up.

This will include 2-4 questions regarding user characteristics and preferences relevant to specific place. In return to answering the questions user will receive points – user who gains a certain number of points will receive an e-coupon as an incentive to cooperate. For example – User stops at a specific shopping center and following questionnaire pops up: 1. Gender: Female / Male 2. Age group: 18-22 / 23-30 / 30-40 / 40-50 / over 50 3. What stores do you plan to shop at? A list of participating stores in the shopping center 4. A specific question regarding one of the stores chosen by user in Q3.

The final lists of questions will, of course, be devised by our marketing specialists. 3. Together with current user data regarding – time and place the additional demographic data and consumer preferences collected provide businesses with a unique set of valuable marketing information. Waze can collect the information and sell it to different businesses which will analyze it for their specific need. An example of how this data can be useful: “Paz” and their “Yellow” convenience stores might decide to purchase consumer data from waze.

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Waze-Analytical Proposition

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Then they might find out that at a certain location between 2 to 4 PM a large amount of mothers of young children consistently stops at the competing “Delek” gas station across the street. Then “Paz” will decide to advertise via waze a diapers sale at “Yellow” at this location during these hours, thus attracting the mothers to fill their tanks at “Paz” and shop at “Yellow”. This way waze wins twice – first it gets paid for the data that they collect and then they get paid again for the focused advertising through their application.

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