Business Plan and Technology Training Project

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Over the last five years our organization has seen significant change in technology. While this change has been beneficial to Community College and its employees, we have reached a point where we are challenged with the new features and functions of the College's standard software. In order for our employees to continue to serve student needs effectively and efficiently the Technology Training Project has been created.

This project will create technology training sessions to allow for increased technology understanding and to grow employee confidence. Upon completion, this project will provide for a foundation that will allow our organization to address the probable changes in future technology. TRAINING STRATEGY All employees will have access to technology training opportunities.

The Training Department will provide technology training through the following modes of delivery: Face to face sessions Online via the portal Downloaded material In order to provide these training opportunities the following resources are required: Training opportunities to keep the College trainer / Seems current Current and up to ate handout materials Access to current hardware and software technologies The following is a list of assumption and constraints for the Training & Development Business Plan. Please note that this list may be modified as the project and planning move forward.

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Assumptions: All employees have the minimum technology skills as defined by Human Resources All employees have access to the current technology in the form of software and hardware required by their position All employees are encouraged and allowed to articulate in training opportunities This project has the full support of all executive leadership Constraints Attendance will be dependent on employee schedules All new employees must attend new employee orientation modules All equipment and software must be compatible with current technology DELIVERABLES Sessions Method Resources Anticipated Date Technology Sneak Peeks* OFF Trainer Cot/Novo/Deck Beginning Innovate Technology Tuesdays Office - Email/Calendar 1 Page Tip Sheet Training Department Novo/Deck Thumb Drives Training Department/Lot Nodded Word 2013: Navigating the File Tab OFF/Videos Late Novo / Early Deck Word 2013: Solving the Mystery of Headers and Sections Word 2013: Understanding Track Changes - not for the Light Hearted Fondles Excel 2013: Using a Table to Filter and Sort Data Excel 2013: Basic Formulas Fondles Outlook 2013: Using Rules and Categories to Organize Outlook Fondles Outlook 2013: What to Expect from the Outlook 365 Interface Endnote 2013: One What? What exactly is Endnote? Core Technology Training Trainer / Book Intermediate Innovate WI Utilize a Workup Site Portal Essentials: Communicating with your Workup via the Portal OFF / Videos

Portal Essentials: Create Alerts to Maintain Awareness of Office Happenings OFF / Videos Portal Essentials: Create and Maintain Document Libraries with Custom Views OFF / Portal Essentials: Calendar Management OFF / Videos WI 14 Proper Document Storage Personally Identifiable Information * Will schedule times at departments meetings COMMUNICATION DELIVERABLES The Training Department will communicate training opportunities by utilizing the current approved communication methods: Announcements Workup Listserv Emails Downloaded Flyers Portal Website Department Invitations Sneak Peaks SESSION OUTCOMES Office 2013 - These sessions will provide users with the technical training necessary to: a. Create and modify documents (Word) b. Create and modify reports (Word) c. Create and modify spreadsheets (Excel) d. Create and modify presentations (Powering) e. Create and modify calendar items (Outlook) f. Create and modify emails (Outlook) g. Create and maintain a basic database (Access) h. Navigate the new features in Office 2013 I.

Use Endnote to manage and capture information electronically (Endnote) Innovate - these sessions will provide users with the technical training necessary to: . Create basic forms b. Manage a form library c. Edit form library permissions d. Create basic workflow e. Export to Excel How to Utilize a Workup Site - these sessions will provide users with the technical training necessary to: a. Create Announcements b. Create Email Alerts c. Create Document Libraries d. Create Custom views e. Connect Workup Calendar to Outlook ASSESSMENT AND TRACKING The current Training Department Events database will be used for tracking participation. A new participation method will be incorporated when the Sharpening

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