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Promo Plan

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Students also benefit from the trainers experience, knowledge and enthusiastic support. Target Market: Students that want to develop managerial skills and a global business perspective to secure work in international business environments or with international clients or colleagues. Target Market Choice: Young people that normally have time to study and have a big interest in learning new things and gaining new skills. People in our target market want to improve themselves, they are ambitious and career-oriented.

Demographics: Age: 18-25 Gender: Income: $ minimal, parental support additional Location: Urban and Suburban English is essential Languages: Cultural Considerations Men and Women Beef and pork are off the menu for nearly all Indians. By no means can beef or pork snacks be served at the presentation for the Indian delegation. A 'yes' may not be followed by the expected course of action. Many cultures take 'yes' to mean yes'. For other cultures, 'yes' can mean anything from 'it is my intention' to a simple desire to avoid confrontation Indians will be very conscious of how they are treated by each other as well as by business visitors.

There is an expectation that one should be treated with the level of respect they deserve due to their status or position, both in the equines environment and in society as a whole. Promotional Technique's: will Promote this course on two different types of advertising techniques: Online and Events, these two work incredibly great in ILLS, we count with many way to promote via online like Faceable, Twitter etc.. And we provide events all around Sydney to reach all kinds of public and make social interaction easier to the international public.

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Effectiveness: Having these two types of advertising its proven to be successful in the past and having already a large range of social media at IL SC we make a big impression on young students that are browsing the internet often, in the case of events and personal advertising, having a more personal approach to people its really important for making a bond with the student and we have a lot of cultural diversity in the administration of the college that helps us to promote the course as well. Financial performance: Online is the cheapest, fastest and the more effective way to promote the course.

Local and international events aren't that hard either, the events that are made by IL SC are managed real carefully and the various brochures and leers that we hand out are incredibly detailed and well done. Objectives: My goals for my promotional activities are: 200 new followers on Faceable 100 new followers on twitter 1000 hand out flyers all around Delhi Promotional Activity Resources Timing Budget Who 1. Postage for the expedition of the printed material Postage Australia to India September 2014 $5000 John 2.

Ads in Indian youth magazines Launch advertising in popular Indian youth magazines September 2014 - September 2014 $75000 George 3. Ads in Indian daily newspapers Launch advertising in Indian newspapers $100000 . Marketing assistant In Delhi to support the Marketing September 2014 -? September 2014 $35000 5. TV commercial Commercial and show it as many times as possible December 2014 - February 2014 $248000 6. Leaflets that will be laid out in Indian travel agencies 1 ooh leaflets August 2014 $2000 Paul 7. Brochures that will be laid out in Indian travel agencies 10000 brochures Paul 8.

Social Media On IL Sac's social media sites August 2014 - December 2014 $0 9. Online banner promotion in total 500'000 banners Contact our marketing agency and let our marketing assistant in Delhi organize it September 2014 - September 2015 $10000 10. Online pop-up-ads in total 1,000,000 pop-ups Let our marketing assistant in Delhi organize it September 2014 -? September 201 5 $20000 Policies and Procedures: Legislative: The economic liberation's process began in India in the 1 adds, the process of setting up businesses and incorporation of entities has become more transparent and organized.

Things that ILLS should consider: Seek legal advice on protecting intellectual property. There could be potential violations of intellectual property and copyrights. Adopt an appropriate legal ND tax structure from inception use a qualified legal and tax firm with a presence in India to review all contracts Ethical: ILLS has to ensure that the human rights of its employees and local people in countries in which it operates are protected. Security: All files password-safes.

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