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In the business world of today, people are more interested in making money and increasing their assets portfolios. People learn different issues and ideas daily because of what they could earn from them. There are different types of company, banks, industry in the business environment of today, but we will be more interested in investment banking. However, this is an aspect of investment bank. Therefore, this leads us to the issue of this write up ‘business in investment banking’. There will be a comprehensive analysis of this theme.

To begin with, what is investment banking? This is an aspect of investment bank and investment bank is a company either own by government of private. These banks provide different investment banking services to people, government, corporate and financial institutions in areas of assets management, trading of equity product, stocks, commodities, currencies and securities services etc. Then investment banking is the area or division that focuses on trading of stocks, equity products at the capital market for corporate organizations, government and individuals.

Most employees of investment banks get a lot of pay but the work is stressful. For instance, from the two articles given we could observe that a day in the life of an investment banker is no joke. They work overnights and spend most of their time traveling.

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One could pursue a career in investment banking and this entails different issues. In the area of education, these banks employ people that have degree from law, accounting, economics and sometimes from business school. Obtaining MBA and other professional related education or professional certificate like ACCA, CIS will help one to grow fast in these banks.

There are various potential rewards and risk associated with this career. As an investment banker, one could establish oneself with clients and having a good reputation thereby leaving the bank and establishing an investment bank. As investment banker, one could further ones education, get a degree in law and become an expert in corporate and financial law. One could also leave the work and go into other related field.

Citing from the articles, we could observe there is a very good work ethics associated with them. The following abilities could be a plus for an investment banker: teamwork, mathematical ability and versatility. Moreover, one could face various risks as an investment banker. The work is time consuming; workers work all night and do not have time for themselves most time. This may stop them thinking about other work. However, the work is more rewarding than risked involved.

In conclusion, this career is more appealing to me. From my childhood till present, I have had this strong interest in finance and investment. I also enjoying investing and have been able to raise a lot of money from this act. Finally, in other to be an investment banker there is certain tips one should follow that include having a good resume, following up job search and being able to cope in this challenging business world.


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