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For some business enterprise, the primary objective is enhancing economic value through the efficient use of all the resources. The focus area is the company’s human capital strategy which can eventually lead to corporate success. Another principle to consider in corporate governance is the practicing of the elements of the code of conduct. It is important for business organizations to have a written code of conduct to ensure everybody must adhere to everything written there.

In some cases, people within the organization may have conflicts of interests, thus it is important to have these identified, disclosed and explained in a very substantial detail. Moreover, there is also a need for the board members to adhere to the right conduct which are specified in the document of the Conduct of the Board of Directors. The effectiveness of the members of the board of directors can be fully enhanced if they empowered legally. (http://www. adb. org/Documents/Brochures/Corporate_Gov/Corporate_Gov_Principles. pdf)

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For a child care agency, it is important to have everything properly documented to ensure effectiveness of the role of each personnel assigned for a specific task. The agency must also be responsible that the children under their jurisdiction are given the needed support every child need. The parent of every child must also consider that this agency doesn’t easily pick from the list of applicants as to who are qualified to avail the support given by the said agency. In the process of choosing children under the care of the agency, various steps need to be undergone and requirements must be complied with.

This is done in order ensure that the children who really need support are given such privilege. Parents, on the other hand, must be aware of their responsibilities towards their babies and children. Parents must be responsible in giving the best future for their children. Child support agency ensures that they are able to give services to the children. In the same manner, the parents must also cooperate to contribute and give financial support to the agency in order for the agency to have a sufficient amount to shoulder the needs of the children under their care.

The Child Support Agency, on the other hand, must be responsible to inform the parents of their responsibilities. It doesn’t necessarily mean that parents no longer need to extend any support to the agency. The process of accepting applicants who can be under the support of the said agency is quite a critical one. This is done in such as way that the parents will not take advantage of the benefits offered by the agency. In the process of screening the applicants, the agency is responsible to conduct an investigation as to the authenticity of the application.

In line with this, it is very evident that in October 2005, the reform was closed; hence, the agency was able to spend €539 million in the implementation of the reforms. Inclusive of this amount is the payment of Electronic Data System and a part of the total realigned contract. The implementation of the agency’s operational management plan, which was announced in 2006, includes funds to support any improvements of the business. Approximately three years after the introduction the new arrangements of the agency, many parents are benefiting from the Child Maintenance Premium.

However, there are also some parents with care on nil income support who are losing an additional of year maintenance. With this, non-resident parents are required to pay higher or lower maintenance than they would under the new rules and some parents may be receiving higher or lower amounts of maintenance. Project Failure Analysis Child Support Agency was established in 1993 is an agency which is responsible for giving support to children who are turned over by their parents to the agency in times of crisis and/or during divorce proceedings. Some of the challenges of the agency include the assessment of each application.

The agency doesn’t easily accept application; however, they carefully analyze each, identify and locate non-resident parent and confirming paternity; compute the maintenance and/or income by non-resident parents which establishes the income of these non-resident parents; maintain the accuracy of maintenance assessments in which the agency has to responsibility to perform any changes which are necessary. Before the Child Support Agency came into the picture, the court enforced child maintenance systems. However, the courts failed to be consistent with the rulings due to the absence of authoritative guidance.

The said agency ensures that non-resident parents financially supports to the welfare of their children. On the other hand, from the time of the agency’s establishments, it had five executives which are under the responsibility of the seven secretaries of the state. In any organization or developing country, promoting the rule of law and human security must be primary concern. There is a need to know how important the access of law is so that an organization or agency can be able to perform its duties and responsibilities. The access to law enhances legal certainty.

(Afroz, T. No Year) The Child Support System was last reformed when the Child Support, Pensions and Social Security Act 2000 introduced a new Child Support Scheme. This new scheme is based on the weekly net income of the non-resident parents which include a simpler system of rates to work out how much each child needs; a child maintenance premium which allows a person to keep up to €10 per week; lower rates of child maintenance for non-resident parents and new powers for the Child Support Agency to ensure that the said agency can work out child maintenance quickly.

Child maintenance can be calculated either through basic rate, reduced rate, flat rate or nil rates. It had been very obvious that there are problems with the design, delivery and operation of the some processes. There were a number of factors which influence the Agency’s reforms. These factors include (1) it did not have sufficient internal technical resource to be an intelligent customer, (2) the strategy was inappropriate, (3) there were serious governance failures, (4) planning was very optimistic and (5) non-compliance with the established systems of control.

In addition, with a high inherent in risks, the governance and mitigation of strategies of the agency needed to be commendable. It must also be noted that the child reforms failed to deliver the improvements in customer service and administrative efficiency. The said policy required a very complex administrative process. With this, the agency was never constructed in a way to ensure that the policy be delivered effectively.

The existence of competitive business environment, there is a need for dynamic stability and since top executives are struggling for IT governance continues to rekindle the interest and debate in both business and academic communities in order to organize a more logical IT governance which focuses on information not technology. (http://www. informationgovernance. com/) Governance Framework The widely known standardization body, ISO 27002, is an international known security standard which is published and maintained by Industrial Electro-technical Committee of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

This is known worldwide as a model for information security. It is basically consist of information security management guidelines for the people who are responsible in the initiation and implementation of the security in their respective organizations. (http://www. sensage. com/solutions/iso27002. php? expandable=2) ISO 27002 is a standard which incorporates security issues and other security related specific standard. This contains 11 security and control clauses which contains a total of 39 main security categories.

The control clauses are as follows: security policy, organizing information system, asset management, human resources security, physical and environmental security, communications and operations management, access control, information systems acquisition, development and maintenance, information security incident maintenance, business continuity management and compliance. The mentioned 11 control clauses are used as a basis for an organization to comply with the standard. (http://www. powertech. com/guides/Compliance/ISO_27002_(17799). htm#Section_5_1_1) There are certain provisions of the ISO27002 standards which have undergone revisions.

This includes Risk Assessment and Treatment which emphasizes the importance of risk analysis as a key part of the planning stage. Another section – Ownership of Asset – must be able to respond and deal with the concept on personal accountability over responsibility. It is also noted that there is confusion in the use of information asset; it is not very clear as to what information asset means – equipment, data content and the like. The provision on Business Continuity Management includes a more comprehensive explanation of contingency which incorporates planning and preparing in order to cope with incidents.

On the other hand, just like governance, the concept on information security is very wide. It is most important for organizations to know the basic idea of ISO27002 in order to achieve its objectives in compliance with the standards set by the body. (http://www. iso27001security. com/html/27002) The information system strategy of the child support agency has been reviewed and it was recommended that a new system be procured in order to improve the business conditions.

It was in 1996 when the project was set to take the first step of defining future business requirements of the agency in order to replace the IT system within the overall framework of the new Corporate IS/IT strategy. However, the agency has failed to realize the improvements in a more accurate assessment. It was expected that under the new system, the calculation would have been made as well as payment arrangements would have been put into place for the majority of the cases. Up until today, the agency has not made the full use of the range enforcement powers available.

So far, it is difficult to target the enforcement activity as the system does not allow teams to identify debts on cases in which the offenders are the non-resident parents. With this, more new systems and schemes are expected to financially contribute to their children and the number of zero cases is lower. For over a hundred cases, the agency has calculated the maintenance due and the parent receives money directly from non-resident parents. When the non-resident parents fail to pay, it causes hardships and can therefore result into lasting consequences for the parents with care.

Critical Analysis The department has prepared solutions in response to the problems of the agency. The department has built a cadre of high calibre professionals in order to deliver high quality IT systems in the future. This is most important since the agency and the department had a limited internal technical resource which is capable of checking the system design in an effective manner. This had resulted in outsourcing most of agency’s IT capability. In addition, all new departmental programmes are already subject for review by the Office of the Government.

The conduct of this review resulted in a valuable independent assessment before any substantial public funds. Also, it is already recognized that it is not appropriate for IT systems to adopt private finance initiative. Moreover, the agency introduced a governance improvement plan to give a positive change in the approach to governance and control of the reforms. Most importantly, the agency has planned a more strategic approach which is now advocated so that the planning stage can be regarded as credible.

It is also recognized that the success is determined through the commitment to work in full partnership with the Electronic Data System. In addition, should the operational improvement plan be successfully implemented, this can stabilize the performance of the agency. In the same manner, the agency has recognized certain problems which affect the performance. Though the operational plan had been finalized, the delivery of every detail needs a final analysis. In addition, the impact of the services provided by the agency had been very significant.

The staffs are required to use IT system in order to extend standard operating procedures. This gives an opportunity to the agency to make a cultural shift when the reforms were proposed to reduce non-compliance across the organization to an acceptable level. In order to achieve this, it is important for the management to understand behind the existence of this problem. Also, the agency needs staffs which are confident to use and implement the system. There is a strategic approach to information governance which allows the enterprise to increase content-centric appropriate use and preservation guidelines.

The creation of the content in any business activity has already been a part of the task to be done to support corporate processes. There are IT professionals who have moved quickly in order to understand how their business units can use collaborative web applications. It is also important for business organizations to assess the value of each tool which can serve a bridge in communication barriers. (http://www. thefreelibrary. com/Information+governance+in+a+2. 0+world:+the+growing+presence+of+Web... -a0196312849)

In order to mitigate the risks associated with poor management, the agency has prepared a governance structure which looked robust and is based on Programme Steering Committee. The programme management structure was built around four major strands of the required changes. These four strands include the design, development, implementation and the interface with other government departments. These support the decision making process and the conduct of risk management. On the other hand, there is a major cultural shift in the organizational restructuring in terms of the implementation of the reforms.

In addition, the agency is working closely with the Electronic Data System to correct problems of the agency in order to deliver and effective service for the customer. To address this issue, there is a program which was implemented in 2003 which compromises a number of phases. This focused on the improvements and confidence of staff working in the new scheme. It was in 2003 that the agency introduced an initiative which establishes a new approach with Electronic Data System and is geared towards a greater cooperation. It is also proposed that IT systems be applied to resolve problems in the live CS2 system.

This system is coupled with business changes which are introduced such as a programme of work to release those cases that could not be progressed due to known system problems, staff familiarization and training for each new software release, the removal of manual workarounds and migration and conversion of all cases to the new rules once existing problems have been eliminated. It is expected that the implementation of the simplified rules for the assessment of maintenance under the reforms will result into a more accurate maintenance assessment.

Since there is a difficulty in the introduction of new systems, the agency is now operating two systems in order to administer cases in addition to an offline manual process. On the other hand, it must be noted that information governance is a framework to handle personal information in a more confidential and secure manner. This is modelled around holding information, obtaining information, recording information, using information and effectively sharing information. It is important for employees to adhere the responsibilities with regards to information governance.

The employees must share information with any persons not authorize to see it and must attempt to access any system that are not authorize to see it. For information quality assurance, it is important to ensure the quality of information captured and used and must relate to the quality of the information being recorded. (www. connectingforhealth. nhs. uk/systemsandservices/nsts/docs/best/information%20governance. ppt) Conclusion and Recommendation In today’s modern environment, there is a requirement that IT must demonstrate tangible benefits.

With this, there is a movement which apply stricter discipline to IT expenditures; formal project governance had been established but not all project governance was created equally. To determine whether project governance is successful or not, leadership is important. Leaders in an organization must be committed to the establishment of a robust project governance discipline. It also takes the leader to be committed to incorporate Project Governance into the culture of the organization. There are certain steps which must be taken in order to successfully implement project governance.

First is to set the right expectations – which aims at identifying complexities in the system. The second step is to right-size the model. This requires the definition of roles, aligning the right people and adopting value-added processes and sensible tools. One of the most implementation of this is to have a strategy for deploying project governance in manageable increments. The third step involves the promotion of a Project Governance culture. (Dismukes, 2008) The agency’s operational improvement plans to address the barriers which prevent the Agency from performing effectively.

To implement the plans, the agency must ensure that there is complete, accurate and timely management information, that is, information must be available. This enables the management to monitor the performance and identify areas in which problems arise. Another factor which must be considered is that IT systems must be stabilized so that stuck cases can be progressed and new applications cannot encounter problems. The agency also must have a wide strategy to develop the re-establishment of public confidence in the child support arrangements and communicates to the public improvements in the performance of the agency.

The agency relies on the information provided by a number of parties. This is needed to process child maintenance applications. Also, staffs are required to use IT systems to the full extent in accordance with the standard operating procedures. There are four elements of an effective project governance system – a culture of openness and accountability, an effective methodology, people to make the system work effectively and software which supports rapid data assimilation and reporting. With this, there are principles governing project management.

The principles include the board has overall responsibility for the governance of the project; the roles, responsibilities and performance criteria for the governance of project management are clearly defined; disciplined governance arrangements; a coherent and supportive relationship and project stakeholders are engaged at a level which measures its importance in the organization. Moreover, the four components of the Governance of Project Management include portfolio direction, project sponsorship, project management and disclosure and reporting.

For portfolio management, its key focus is on the realization of benefits aligned with the organization’s objectives. This relies on projects and programs in order to achieve strategic intent. For project management standard, this focuses on the planning and scheduling of the projects within a program in order to manage project independence. It is also noted the key responsibility in project management is the identification, rationalization and monitoring of the interdependencies between projects.

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