British Airways and HM Prison Business Activities

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British Airways: British Airways is the UK's largest international scheduled airline, flying to over 550 destinations at convenient times, to the best located airports. BA is in the business of delivering great service to passengers. They are ready for the challenges of today's marketplace. They own some of the world's most valuable airports and intend to invest in their growth. BA is in the Private Sector Businesses. It's a Private Limited Company (LTD) means that BA own assets in their own right. BA is about much more than simply hitting targets and profit margins. They also have certain responsibilities to society.

The purpose of the business is to provide its management with a new mandate to be more than just an airline. British Airways is aiming to set new industry standards in customer service and innovation and deliver the best financial performance and evolve from being an airline to a world travel business with the flexibility to stretch its brand in new business areas. Their owners are not personally liable for the firm's debts. They have Limited Liability. Ownership of BA is divided into parts called shares. BA is owned by the shareholders. The shareholders have Limited liability. This means that the assets and liabilities of the shareholders are separate from the assets and liabilities of the company. If BA makes a loss, those to whom it owes money cannot force the shareholders t pay for the loss. BA is an International Business.

The HM Prison Service: HM prison service is in the Public Sector Businesses. It's a Public Limited Company (PLC) means that it's owned by the government and their main aim is to provide essential services for the whole population. It's not a profit making business, and the general public pays for these services through taxation. The public sector Prison Service forms part of the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) within the new Ministry of Justice. The purpose of the business is that HM Prison Service serves the public by keeping in custody those committed by the courts. Their duty is to look after them with humanity and help them lead law-abiding and useful lives in custody and after release. HM Prison is national Business.

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The purpose of the business is to provide end-to-end management of offenders with interventions to reduce offending and to protect the public. The Owners of the HM prison service are Stakeholders because they have put up the capital by which the business is ran. E.g. The government. The HM Prison service has no more owners other than the government because the government is running business.


One of British Airways' aims is Improve Customer Service with Right NOW. The Right NOW software can adapt and learn from customer feedback so that it can quickly respond to new areas of enquiry. The Purpose of the aim is to functionality provide answers to a wide range of questions that customers ask at BA. In British Airways they are constantly working towards creating an inclusive culture that understands and respects the individual differences of employees. In addition they seek to deliver a service which reflects and responds to the diverse range of customer needs.

The aim is to drive and integrate diversity into all aspects of services to ensure that they remain competitive. HM Prison Service: One of HM Prison 'aims is to have more effective execution of the sentences of the courts so as to reduce re-offending and protect the public. The Purpose of the aim is to look after the prisoners with humanity and help them lead law-abiding and useful lives in custody and after they release.

Through this aim of Single Staff Diversity and Equality Scheme, HM Prison Service will look to integrate diversity and embed its actions as a business priority across the Service. The Purpose of the Aim is that the staff become more confident, competent and supported about promoting a positive culture of respect and decency within all aspects of carrying out their duties. Objectives: British Airways' Objective is to reduce waste per passenger.

Their objective is to provide the best entertainment packages to all different ages. The Purpose of the Objective is to have HI-Technology in their planes. HM Prison Service's Objective is to protect the public and provide what commissioners want to purchase. The objectives set for the Prison Service are to protect the public by holding those committed by the courts in a safe, decent and healthy environment and to reduce crime by providing constructive regimes which address offending behavior.

The purpose of the objectives is to improve educational and work skills and promote law abiding behavior in custody and after release. Stakeholders (P2) British Airways: BA wants Customer satisfaction because the opinion of all of the stakeholders is the key to defining their success. British Airways needs to understand its stakeholders (customers, opinion leaders and employees) to better inform business decisions. Therefore, in-depth and thorough measurement and research are in place to provide this important information.

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