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Brian Nichols was accused of shooting and killing four people in 2005. The incident occurred at the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia. He was also charged with rape and false imprisonment as a result of actions immediatly following the alleged murders. Nichols has a varied history having grown up in a middle class home in rural Pennsylvania where he attended college and played football. Nichols was employed as an engineer for UPS. His yearly income is reportedly about 100,000 per year. He was active in his church. Those who knew him say they were surprised by the behavior as it as uncharacteristic of the Nichols they remembered.

Nichols has a history of legal involvement including disorderly conduct charges and terrorist threat charges for the early 1990’s. He was awaiting trial on a rape charge at the time of this incident. In the incident in question, Nichols is alleged to have attached a deputy as she removed his handcuffs to allow him to change clothing. Nichols was in a holding ell at the time awaiting a trial. The deputy was critically injured, but survived. Nichols alleged ran across the sky bridge in the courthouse facility. . He had the deputy’s firearm with him.

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He allegedly entered Judge Barnes courtroom and shot and killed the judge, a deputy and the court reporter. Nichols managed to escape the facility and carjacked a vehicle at gunpoint, after assaulting the cars owner. though he never actually took the car. He allegedly stole another car, this time taking owner with him. William allegedly killed a US Customs Agent the following day and then approached women at an apartment complex and entered her apartment, tied her up and kept her hostage. The women, Ashley Smith read from the bible and attempted to convince Nichols t turn himself in to police.

She pled with him to be reasonable and he ultimately allowed her to leave the apartment he following morning, at which time she called 9-1-1 Nichols eventually surrenders when law enforcement arrives. Nichols was indicted but pled not guilty. Nichols mental health issues will be used in the defense. The police chief has admitted a number of errors in the initial search for Nichols that occurred in the search for Nichols initially. It is unclear how Nichols could have escaped custody, found his may to the courtroom and then outside to the parking garage where he stole a car and drive thirty miles until he met with Ashley Smith.

Civil suits by the victim’s families are likely. . It is likely that Bran Nichols had a substantial drug use history and or a serious mental heath issue. The lack of appropriate security measure and protocols allowed Nichols to escape from holding cell and murder three people. Issues with funding for the defense in this trial has resulted in delayed hearings and it is possible that Nichols could ultimately allege that he was denied a competent and credible defense.

The mounds of evidence against Nichols including tapes and video from he courthouse, makes this a particularly complicated and difficult case for the defense. References Atlanta Police Admit Mistakes in Brian Nichols' Case By Jeralyn, Section Crime in the News Posted on Fri Mar 18, 2005 at 04:39:33 PM EST CNN Law Center. Nichols Makes Court Appearance. http://www. cnn. com/2005/LAW/03/14/atlanta. shooting/ Court TV, Ga. judge delays courthouse shooting trial because of problems funding defense http://www. courttv. com/news/2007/0227/brian_nichols_ap. html

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