Breaking Down the Doors of Society

Last Updated: 02 Apr 2020
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Society as we know it today has changed day by day as the world around us advances in many different ways. Advancements in science, technology, education, politics, human rights and many other areas have led to the shifts of culture in society to mold what we recognize society as today. Over the next 37 years, by year 2050, I foresee many changes that will occur that will impact society significantly. I believe a few changes that will cause the culture changes will be: the Affordable

Care Act, the raises that are going to take place in the minimum wage, but most importantly, I believe society is going to take a shift for progressive and accepting views. First of all, a hot topic today and a conversation that will be occurring over the next 30 years will be health care in the United States and in the entire world. In my opinion, the changes that we are going to see take place in the United States under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are going to be numerous.

Not only will there be plenty of changes behind the scenes with insurance companies and lath care providers, but there will be a major culture change in America as we see these changes take place. I believe this due to the fact that since an estimated 105 million Americans will no longer have lifetime dollar limits on their coverage and that 17. 6 million children will no longer be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions, then individuals and families will no longer, hopefully, be driven into poverty due to medical bills that they cannot handle.

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Additionally, due to the fact that people will be covered and be able to have preventative care, then I hope to see hat people will no longer be flooding the emergency rooms whenever they get sick, which the taxpayer previously had to foot the bill. Moreover, there are many great changes that will take place, but the most visible changes, in my opinion, are going to be the cultural ones.

First, I believe that with the new extension that children will be able to stay under their parents' coverage until the age of 26, then I believe that will create some major stress relief on young adults trying to receive college educations and establish their careers. Not only that, but it may create a sort of extended adolescence that we normally saw up until the age of 22 or so, but now that may change to about 25 or 26. Finally, I feel the major cultural shift that the new health care law will create is that people will no longer be belittled or embarrassed to seek health care that they cannot afford.

Additionally, due to the education that many people learned about their struggling counterparts, they will begin to respect and care for their less fortunate counterparts since many Americans learned that there re way more people struggling to afford basic health care than there should be. Secondly, I believe that a major change is in order now that the federal minimum wage is receiving heavy criticism. Now that people in the United States are beginning to see and understand how terrible life is as a minimum wage worker, a culture change is already occurring.

People across all walks of life: rich, poor, liberal, conservative, religious and non-religious alike are beginning to support a raise to the federal minimum wage out of the care and sympathy they all have for the nation's resorts families. The major changes that can take place if the federal minimum wage was changed to nine or ten dollars an hour would be exceedingly significant, in my opinion. Not only will the estimated 3. 8 million workers that were paid at or below the federal minimum wage see relief in their daily lives, but also the poverty level will decrease.

Based on the new money that will be injected into the economy, businesses will be more profitable, hiring could increase, and the government will collect more in taxes from workers who now live above the poverty line and from reparations. Furthermore, there will be a radical shift in America's poor. Less people will be reliant on federal programs such as SNAP and WICK and less people will have a disapproving attitude towards the nation's poor who rely on these programs and are, unfortunately, seen as "moochers" or "leaches. The final and most important culture change that I believe is going to take place by the year 2050 will be the major progressive and accepting shift in individual's attitudes. What I mean by this is that people throughout the world are going to begin to accept everyone no tater their walk of life. Less and less people are going to be looking down upon the poor, minorities, women in the workplace, atheists, homosexuals and other less mainstream lifestyles. I feel like this shift is already taking place today, but we are seeing major resistance that I believe is going to end over the next decade or two.

Personally, I feel that individuals who desire to break the social norms are going to have more courage to do so since an increasing number of people will be supportive of their lives. For instance, more women will be seeking political and business oriented Jobs, homosexuals will no longer try to hide their true identities from their families, people will stop using stereotypes and offensive names, all religions will be accepted no matter their history and many other great changes. Moreover, families will no longer push their child towards social norms, in my outlook.

Families will be closer, in my estimation, for a couple of reasons: parents will accept their children no longer who they desire to grow up to be, bigoted ideas will no longer tear families apart based on who they marry and children will be less likely to dislike their parents u to the fact that they will no longer be pushed to forget their dream and pursue a social norm. Also, I feel like these progressive shifts will lead too much smaller schism in society that disapproves of these lifestyles and way of thinking.

Those that disapprove of equal marriage, interracial marriage, atheism, Islam, and many other things will be reduced to a much smaller population since others will begin to see that loving and caring for each other is most important. Lastly, I believe that this change that is taking place in more developed countries will begin to take place wrought the world, which will make the world a much better place to live in, especially in developing nations.

I believe this due to the fact that people will no longer be not allowed to have Jobs based on gender, sexual orientation, race or anything else not related to work. Additionally, countries may begin to stop having laws against freedom of religion or homosexuality. All in all, I believe the sky is the limit for equality and open-mindedness in the world based on the progressive shifts in the eyes of the people.

All in all, although there are many culture changes that are going to take place by the year 2050, I believe health care, the minimum wage, and the progressive shift in opinions will be the most important. Not only will these changes improve the lives of many in America and the world, but also I believe the progressive shift that is taking place already will begin to take place in a large population of people, to the relief of many. I believe that equality of everyone will become a priority, like it should've been forever, and by 2050 1 think it will happen.

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