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Selfishness and Comment Shows Rufus

In the book Kindred, there are many characters that are interesting. One reason this is true, is because the book forwards through time very fast and we see many characters go from infantile to grown adult. One character that changed throughout the story was Rufus …

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Reading Response: Kindred

Timothy Kramer | Literature & Composition | January 10, 2013 Timothy Kramer | Literature & Composition | January 10, 2013 Reading Response Kindred Reading Response Kindred LT02 Summarize the Text In Olivia Butler’s novel, Kindred, an African American woman, Dana, is unexpectedly pulled back to the Slave Era where she struggles to face …

Essay ExamplesKindred
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Kindred by Octavia E. Butler

Octavia Estelle Butler was an American science fiction writer, one of very few African-American women in the field. In 1979, she published Kindred, a novel which uses the science fiction technique of time travel to explore slavery in the United States. Butler takes on and redrafts …

Essay ExamplesKindredSlavery
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Tragic Truth on How White People Consider Their Supremacy Over the Blacks

As the book entails more of African-American history rather than just a pure literature of science fiction since it deals slavery in the nineteenth century Antebellum South which unleashes the issue of slavery, its causes, effects and its evidences on a more modernized method and …

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Originally published

June 1979


Edana Franklin, Tom Weylin, Rufus Weylin, Kevin Franklin, Alice Greenwood


2003 Rochester, New York's book of the year


Novel , Science fiction, Feminist science fiction, Psychological Fiction


Octavia E. Butler


264 pp

Frequently asked questions

What is the thesis of kindred?
The thesis of Kindred is that slavery is a system that dehumanizes everyone involved. The book tells the story of a woman, Dana, who is transported back in time to the antebellum South, where she must confront the reality of slavery firsthand. Through Dana's eyes, we see how slavery strips away the humanity of both the enslaved and the enslavers. The book ultimately argues that slavery is an evil that must be resisted at all costs.
What is the main theme of kindred?
The main theme of Kindred is the importance of family. Octavia Butler uses the characters of Dana, Kevin, and Alice to explore the different ways that family can be defined. Dana and Kevin are biological siblings, but their relationship is complicated by the fact that Dana is black and Kevin is white. Alice is Dana's ancestor, who was born into slavery. Even though Dana and Kevin are not related by blood, they share a deep bond because of the shared experience of being black in a white world. Alice is the only one who understands what Dana is going through, and she is the only one who can help her navigate the difficult situation she is in. The theme of family is also explored through the character of Rufus, who is Dana's slave owner and the father of her child. Even though Rufus is a cruel man, Dana still feels a deep connection to him because he is the only father she has ever known.
What is the story Kindred about?
The story Kindred is about a black woman named Dana who is transported back in time to the antebellum South, where she meets her ancestor, a slave named Kindred. As Dana gets to know Kindred, she begins to understand the brutal reality of slavery and the strength it takes to survive it. Dana also comes to realize that she has the power to change the course of history, and that the choices she makes could save Kindred's life.
What is the writing style of kindred?
The writing style of Kindred can be described as lyrical and fluid. Butler uses descriptive language to paint a picture of the characters and their lives. She also uses dialogue to further the story and develop the characters.

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