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Question 1) Introduction BP is one of world’s largest energy company, they must have enough capital, technical and experience a responsibility to keep theirrefinery safe and run smooth in their working area. But some problem appeared from BP inside to cause this crude oil spill disaster. Save cost for to overlooked safe for the system;Assigned Transocean to drill oil; and continue to drill oil when technician looked out rig’s blowout preventer was leaking are main reason in this disaster.

Everyone totally not accept this overlooked in one history and technical energy company. Save Cost Nowadays save cost from an existing business is logic and comment. We understand and accept save cost to keep competition in the market but first concern is keep high quality production after save cost. If not it will cause many problems from this action. This is a simple logic for business beginner. So lots of people don’t know why a huge and history company forgot this main point. Oil drilling is one of dangerous and careful job in this world.

Each step must need circumspect and 100% safe before action. So risk management most important for that, but BP cut corners like to save money. For example, no remote control to urgent shut-off switch install on the rig. This one is last insurance for the protection but they can miss it for save cost. Also, on simple procedures, they cut out some step and quality test for the pipe. Each industrialist must understand final quality check is one of main step in the production. This step if missed may cause the company loss a large amount and product confidence.

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Especially, public confidence is important for each product or service. They need spend too much capital and time to build up. Unfortunately, BP looks like forget this main point. They miss some step and quality test intentionally. The test is for the pipe mainly to detect the gas in the well. I know these actions can save some cost for their production. But they are loss a huge amount and crude oil, confident of public and 11 technical staff. Contractor investigation Based on there is no risk management and they contracting out oil drill to Transocean.

In records that almost four incidents were owned by Transocean almost three years. They can make an investigation before contract if they have risk management. No Risk sense One technical staff whois worked on Deepwater Horizon oil rig and points out BP negligence. He report to BP that the rig’s blowout preventer leaked before explosion but BP still no action for stop production. BP’s management are not only no risk management for save cost, and then they only knowledge how to earn more money to negligence safety. Conclusion BP is a history and largest energy in the world.

Money may cover their ethical knowledge. They destroyed a one heaven location for travel, fishing industry in Gulf Coast, tourism, 11 staff’s life, their thousands of gallons crude oil and main point is lost reputation and trust from public. Question 2) Introduction Lots of victims are in this unfortunate accident, environment of Gulf coast, tourism, fishing industry, 11 technical staff etc. But not included BP in this case. They are murderer totally in this oil spill disaster based on their company failed in the management of potential risk.

Refer to question 1,their management should be stop production before explosion when their staff appear the rig’s blowout preventer leaked. If they can stop the production immediately, history should be no this disaster and BP continue to work smooth in the market. Management of potential risk is important for them, but they completely to ignore it. In this case, one of true victim is their staffs who are killed by this explosion. Before employ this job, all staff must understood how dangerous for their job. They put down their worry and accept this dangerous job ecause they believe a largest company had a completely system to protect their life and promise their parent safety back home every day. They are happy to get a stable meaningful job and they are working in one largest company. Also, lots of human can enjoy energy for their live, useful plastic accessories because they painstaking to delve crude oil. However their largest company betrays their truth and got their life base on oversight. Unfortunately, eleven employees can’t back home on time because they killed by this disaster. Conclusion

Gulf Coast oil spill disaster no more excuse to shirk responsibility from BP. If they can increase safety sense and risk management, they no need to pay 80% penalty money for Gulf Coast restoration. Based on save cost and earn more profit to miss safety and quality control system is impolitic absolutely. Finally, senators introduce legislation to dedicate at least 80% of BP penalty money for Gulf Coast restoration on 21 July 2011. (Source by http://landrieu. senate. gov/mediacenter/pressreleases/07-21-2011-1. cfm) Question 3) Introduction

BP is one of world’s large energy companies even the disaster happened. A company can ups and downs over hundred years, it must go through lots of incident. Mr. William D’Arcy (a British Petroleum and the Anglo-Persian Oil Company founder) used over six years of drilling in Middle East with his experts and scientists against his finances and patience were coming down. Finally, they had approached around 1200 feet when the source of oil shot out. Go through a few years to drill oil with painful, dissatisfy and nearly give up, a BP was born against these unfavorable factors.

Mr. D’Arcy became rich because his company opened a trade on the stock market and their first location to set up a refinery is in Iran. Everything look like smooth going, however BP was go bankrupt nearly on 1914. In 1914, they loss a heating and kerosene lamp markets base on their oil came from Persian was a strong smell. And Automobile was not a primary market product. However, the company had a lot of stock in oil. But the market demand can’t fulfill. Since the first crisis passed, they met a second crisis during a coup in Libya and led by Muammar al-Gaddafi.

He nationalized BP’s share of oil operation in Libya. And this action to make other oil rich countries in Middle East, like Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Iran etc.. tonationalize. They made BP drop down from 140 million to 500,000 barrels in oil production in Middle East between 1975 and 1983. Above two crisis are very seriously, they cause BP’s lost a huge amount in their business, capital and source. But they can’t compare the explosion in Gulf Coast region on April 2010. This unfortunate event is not only loss money, capital, source and technical staff. Their reputation destroyed in a short period.

The whole process is like a nightmare for their public relation. Because rebuild a over hundred years history company is very difficult and need a long time and no any mistake appear again during this period. I understand their public relation is professional and technical. They must still hard to rebuild their reputation. But some idea suggests them to do in the future. 1) Fully support victim in fishing industry Before the explosion, one of main business in Gulf Coast is fishing industry. However, their marine products already got crude oil pollution.

BP had a big representation to help all fishermen rebuild fishing industry and subsidies their cost of living. 2) Invite senators, experts, scientist to visit their refinery and Gulf Coast Base on their oversight to cause explosion and oil spill. They must always invite some good reputation experts, scientist, senators and media to visit their other refinery. Media can make more people understand BP how to drill the crude oil and each step is careful to handle and guarantee to public the disaster never happen again. Experts and scientist for double insurance to their machines and procedures is regular and correct.

About some senators visit Gulf Coast, they must cause public to follow with interest. And they can show to public BP how to help Gulf Coast restoration. Like President Obama visited Gulf Coast after the disaster happened forth month. (Information source by http://obamafoodorama. blogspot. com/2010/08/as-gulf-coast-visit-ends-obamas-enjoy. html) They can help to Gulf Coast better to rebuild the tourism. 3) Solve Environment Effect After explosion rocked the rig and made them fire and sank. Thousands of gallons of crude oil were spilling to into the sea.

The environment around Gulf of Mexico becomes environmental catastrophe. The spilled oil must make the sea on the sea. It hurts lots of marine life and fish. According patch up this disaster, BP and US government use lots of different method to control and clean up the spilled oil. However, they also used chemistry materials to control them. Some expert points out thatthetechnical limitationsand historical experienceshow that theclean-upworkmay not be abletorestoretheoriginal environmentofthe Gulf of Mexico, butthiseventisto provideatesting groundfor exploringthefutureof oilpurificationmethod. Information source by http://www. futenworld. com/_d270860491. htm) Base on no one want to meet again offshore oil disaster, their risks associated with offshore drilling activities must handle better than before. They must set a rule and guideline to each class of management how to handle if meets the rig in something wrong. And monthly report to local government to report each step is follow the guideline and 100% safe for oil drilling.

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