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Gulf Air company

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The company in its endeavour to become a world player re-fleeted it fleet by introducing new modern fleet of Airbus A 320 family and Boeing 767 to offer improved and world class services it its global customer and enhance overall performance to be competitive on the global arena. This is in line with the company strategy of creating greater efficiency. (Doganis, 2001) Increase number of flights In 2006 the Bahrain government and Thailand administration signed the “open skies” accord which permitted unrestricted and limitless amount of flights among the two countries; this doubled the number of flights to Thailand.

Gulf air has increased its flights in many other countries and also introduced direct flights to other destination such as India. As noted by the company CEO, India is among the main countries in which the company has targeted in expansion and growth market in its international strategy. The company also entered into trade agreement with other countries such as the Free trade agreement between the USA and Bahrain, this has boosted the Gulf air market share in the USA. (Bahrain Tribune, 2008) Using latest technology

In order to increase its global business market share and improve its customer base, Gulf air has implemented new technology in its operations. The company has established online sale strategy, which according to the company it has been successes. The company has reported a triple digit increase in terms of online sales. Gulf Air Company also offers support to Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP) which is reduced cost payment choice which the company provides to its corporate customers. (Smith, 2002) Global management

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One of the international business strategies that Gulf Air Company has undertaken is creating a global management culture which has created global image and brand of the company and this has been able to enable it penetrate different global markets. (Doganis, 2001) Effectiveness of the strategies undertaken The airline company have made a big turnaround from downward trend in witnessed about 10 years to high profitability company as by 2004. This turnaround has been attributed to its international business strategies which we are going to examine and make recommendation on how best the company can further improve on them.

(Doganis, 2001) Recommendation: Areas of improvement Even though Gulf Air Company is accredited with success in its international business strategies, there are various improvements that the organization needs to embark on so that it can enhance its continuity and survival in contemporary business. The company needs to understand clearly the aspect of management. Gulf Air Company should enhance its organization culture and structure to make in order to boost the company’s organizational effectiveness, to gain competitive advantage.

(Lee and Carter, 2005) The company should also utilize opportunity of its strong financial base exploring more markets. The amount of revenue that the company collects presents an opportunity of development of unique products that will give a competitive edge of its competitors. In order for the company to get access to more new markets, the company should encourage the merges to gain new global markets and technology easily. (Smith, 2002)

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