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Akeira Golden March 28, 2013 Ms. Lewis Critical Reading Boxing is Dangerous and should be banned The article suggests that boxing needs a fighting chance but I would disagree on that. Boxing is a dangerous sport that can result in death, concussions, and forms of dementia from too much head blows throughout their career. Boxers like Benny ”kid” Paret and Deuk koo kim have died in the ring due to injuries sustained during a fight. Boxing involves powerful people pounding each other in the head, and ribs until one has won.

Even doctors see boxing as a dangerously unacceptable sport. Although boxing can cause injuries that you may see for example, black eyes, broken nose and swollen mouth, it also can cause injuries that are inside like internal bleeding caused by too many blows to the ribs. The sport of boxing maybe fun and entertaining to watch but dangerous in reality and should be banned. Many boxers are married with children, they can have one fight cause them not to see they daughter face again. Study shows too many blows to the eye can result in blindness.

Boxing can be dangerous to the boxer that wins for instance in November 2011, James Butler lost against Alien Grant, so he invited him to the middle of the ring to congratulate him but instead he hit him with a haymaker breaking his jaw etc. Some boxers don’t know how to take their lost like a man in end up trying to retaliate. Everyone knows the Holyfield- Tyson fight when holy field and Tyson was going head to head in trying to win , when Tyson was upset that Holyfield was head-butting him he did a cannibalistic move and bit off his ear spitting it on the boxing ring floor.

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One fight resulted in a boxer losing his ear just because of retaliation. Boxing should be banned all the cons that’s in boxing and what boxing is all about. People killing each other and not getting penalized for it because it’s a sport. What about those families who are sitting in the audience watching their relative fall to the floor not knowing if he’s dead or just badly injured? Some may see boxing as a fun sport that gets you into shape but not see how boxers are getting damaged for the rest of their lives. In conclusion, boxing should have never been permitted so it definitely shouldn’t be given another chance.

In the ring pounding each other brains out body parts on the floor, blood flying everywhere for what? A title?. Boxing doesn’t make sense it’s a sport where you are able to beat someone to death and not get penalized for it. I disagree with the author that thinks boxing needs a fighting chance. He may only think that because he sitting back and watching others beat their selves to death and he not in the ring getting himself hurt. These people be scarred for the rest of their life instead of using their strength to do something productive they use it to beat people to death.

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