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Blood Disorders essay

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Blood disorders describe problems associated with blood components such as red blood cells, platelets, enzymes, plasma and white blood cells. The characteristics of blood disorders depend on the real blood disease. Blood disorders can also be associated with hereditary characteristics whereby some disease causing organisms are transferred from parents to children. Blood disorders or diseases lead to continuous bleeding in case of an injury and poor blood clotting. Blood diseases result from abnormalities in blood itself or defects in blood vessels.

The three given cases in this paper relates to various blood disorders associated with lifestyle, genetics and injuries. The first case of four years Amy, who complains of tiredness al the time and eats pasta, breads and hot dogs, and drinks artificial fruit punch, is a case of anemia. Amy is a pale and picky eater and her mother is single and cannot afford to feed large family so it means that her daughter consumes unbalanced diet. Anemia is a blood disorder whereby the number of red blood cells is insufficient to supply enough iron to body parts (Hadorn Ernst, 1961).

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Iron deficiency is the main cause of anemia and children are vulnerable to this disorder. Main characteristics of anemia include fatigue, slow healing of wounds, weakness, drowsiness and dizziness. Amy complains of being tired all the time and this is one of the main symptoms of anemia. The blood disorder is diagnosed through examination of blood sample and in many cases; the red blood cells are small and pale. Anemia is treated by iron tablets and consumption of vegetables such as spinach and foods rich in iron.

Anemia in this case of Amy can be prevented through consumption of well balanced diet and avoiding any circumstances that can lead to excess bleeding such as injuries. In the case of Marcus, a five-year-old African American male whose mother wants the nurse to screen his son for trait is a case of hemochromatosis. It is a case of hereditary blood disorder that has been transferred from mother to son. Hemochromatosis is one of the common hereditary blood disorders that make body tissues to absorb too much iron. Being a hereditary disorder, hemochromatosis is known to develop from dietary iron intake (King E.

John, 2002). The blood disorder leads to severe iron overlap in children and young adults. It is caused by defect in HFE gene responsible for controlling amount of iron observed from food. Children who inherit the defective gene from one parent become carries of the disease but may not develop it. Symptoms of hemochromatosis include joint pain, abdominal pain, and fatigue and heart problems. The blood disorder is diagnosed by collecting information concerning family history, physical examination and routine blood tests.

Hemochromatosis is treated by controlling the amount of iron getting into the body through phlebotomy process. Prevention of hemochromatosis is very technical as it is a hereditary disease transferred from parents to children through genetics. However, it can be prevented by protecting the body from excess iron. In the case of Richard, he is likely to have thrombosis as is analyzed in his body condition of numerous bruises and tiny red marks around his eyes. Thrombosis is clotting of blood vessels because of blood clot that blocks a vein or artery. Blood clot is caused by damage of blood vessel or changes in blood flow.

Symptoms of thrombosis include numerous bruises, swelling of body parts and red spots as a result of blood clot (Wood M. Stephen, 1997). Physical examination of body parts is the best alternative for thrombosis diagnosis. The blood disorder is treated by an anticoagulant that allows thinning of blood. Thrombosis can be prevented through wearing of pressure stockings and use of blood thinners. References Hadorn Ernst, 1961, Developmental Genetics and Lethal Factors, Methuen, Ursula Mittwoch. King E. John, 2002, Mayo Clinic on Digestive Health, Mason Crest. Wood M. Stephen, 1997, Conguering High Blood Pressure, Perseus Books.

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