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How to Become a Crisis Hotline Volunteer

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First of all, a crisis hotline is a number that one may call when they are in need of immediate emergency telephone counseling by trained volunteers. To start, you need to assess yourself; meaning to make sure all your own problems are set aside in case you come in contact with someone who has a similar situation that you have been through but isn’t resolved. Then, the training begins. You will need to learn to react under emergency situations and under pressure. You will also learn different counseling techniques, although through the hotline you will be having the person in the crisis situation be the decision-maker.

You will need to have them gain your trust and be able to open up freely to you. The length of training depends on the program of which you are volunteering for. There also may be a screening/background check to make sure there is a clear record. After reviewing all of the information about volunteer program, I am actually considering on doing this. It would greatly affect my future because it will help me be able to figure out if this is something I would be able to handle and do on a daily basis.

I just recently watched a movie called The Call and I was touched by it. This movie had me thinking afterwards about being put in that situation. It’s about this operator (dispatch station) and she is trying to keep this young girl calm because she has been kidnapped in the back of a trunk. She is trying to use different techniques such as asking what her favorite movie is. At one point she asked the young girl what her sign was and she said “Capricorn” and the operator responded back, “You are? I am also a Capricorn and you know what we Capricorns do? and the girl replied, “No. ” The operator said, “We fight and we will fight and get you home safely. ” I feel like being put in this situation, hearing those in a crisis and need immediate assistance, it would be difficult especially if something happens to them and it is way out of your control. But, then again, you could also be somebody’s hero because you were able to save them somehow-someway. This would be good for my career because it will show that I have experience in the Human Services field. Not only that, but as a volunteer.

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