Winners and Losers in the Banana Wars: U.S. Comes Out on Top, Europe Suffers

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Banana Wars 1. Who are the winners and losers in the banana wars? The winner of the banana wars is the United States because Dole and Chiquita were in crisis when EU introduced new set of rules for importers to their country. Eventually, these 2 companies were able to adjust and supply to other parts of the world when they experienced problems exporting to EU. The World Trade Organization also took part in this investigation and they were in favor of the United States and which ruled out that the EU’s rules were discriminatory.

The losers are the Europeans because not only did they lose banana importers to their country but also their products that they are exporting to the United States were being charged with heavy tariffs which cause some businesses and investors in Europe to be in a critical condition. 2. Is the U. S. response silly? I guess the response is not silly but just some sort of getting back Europe for what they did with their agreement with the banana exportation.

Maybe what they want to show Europe was what the situation they’ve given the US when they charged high tariffs for their exports and this time, they just want to let the Europe feel the crisis they’ve given to the US banana exporters. 3. What potential threats to the WTO are illustrated by the banana wars? The potential threats to the WTO are being credible to other trading countries. It seems like WTO is always in the stand of the United States although they may say that there are points considered when they made the decision or final ruling.

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