Baltimore Maryland Industry Analysis

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Baltimore is highly ranked globally as one of the top regions for healthcare (Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore, n. D. ). With Baltimore's close proximity to Washington, DC and Philadelphia, the metropolitan region of Baltimore has a growing national economy supported by world class healthcare and education industries. The Greater Baltimore region has a very strong philanthropic community supporting the healthcare and education industries with private grants, which coupled with federal and state grants, provide a strong base for expansion and global strategic alliances.

Many of Baltimore's healthcare industry strengths are deeply rooted in the some of the finest academic education industries. According to U. S. News & World Report LAP (U. S. News & World Report LAP. , 2014), Baltimore has the third and thirty-seventh ranked medical schools in the country, allowing Baltimore to become one of the most prominent healthcare industries in the world. Leading Baltimore medical education, healthcare facilities and research colleges and hospitals include Johns Hopkins, and the University of Maryland Medical Center.

The Baltimore region's thriving healthcare industry is not limited to private latherer or academic medical colleges with hospitals associations. Located in the proximity of Baltimore are many federal and state healthcare organizations. With Baltimore's close proximity to Washington, DC, the Greater Baltimore and the metropolitan areas between Washington, DC corridor has several federal organizations including Department of Health and Human Services (DASH), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (SMS), and the National Institute of Health (NIH).

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NIH is the largest source of medical research funding in the world with 27 research facilities specializing in medical research. SMS located in Woodlawn, employs over five thousand employees, and has a large federal budget, including the administration of the Affordable Care Act (AC), Medicare, Medicaid, and other healthcare federal groups. According to the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore (Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore, n. D. ), the Greater Baltimore area is a global center for healthcare services.

With 184,100 employed in the healthcare services industry, Baltimore has world class institutions and practitioners and is experiencing funding and expansion within the industry's infrastructure. As both of these industries are prominent worldwide with dynamic synergy and strategic alliances between the two, therefore we felt higher education and ANALYSIS Baltimore Industry 1: Higher Education According to the Maryland Higher Education Commission, Maryland has 58 institutions of higher education.

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