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  1. Confirmation of cost to Second Speaker
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Bishop Neil Ellis presented a statement of costs and expenses for air fare and accommodation for two persons and requested the conference to support reasonably. He also reiterated  as to how  the  LORD lifted him to serve him.

The members confirmed the same.

  1. Second speaker cost was not conformed 

Zhavago Lange, cost was not confirmed and has been set aside by the members for more discussions .

3.Election of Speakers for Tuesday and Wednesday was made by members.

Chair: discussions around the table with day Speakers.

Details of the discussions spoken by each Speaker are as follows:

Pastor Ronald Mcintosh: It is a good opportunity  for us to deploy someone from abroad. We can use in one of our own and General Superintendent  in one of  the session.

Pastor Silbert Mills: Some International organisations have more than one speaker, they allocate 15 minutes of time for inspirational speakers.

Deacon Jenson :Depending on budget, one can go abroad or stay in-house.

Pastor Knowles : said that they  are going in-house for two days.

Bishop Swain said that convention is the highest acme, and a best speaker must be put forward to able to satisfy visitors and motivate in-house. At the end of the convention there must be a good conclusion.

Elder Mcbride  shared the same views mentioned above.  He explained, if people go away from conference, it lessens the prestige of local speaker. People must form part of budget. The protocol is all those who speak will receive a  stipend.

Pastor Antoine Joseph: Agrees to avail speakers on the opening sessions of week days.

Chair: Inspiration for the members and followers.

Traditionally friendship was the host of Tabernacle church. In the past it was said as Friendship Tabernacle Church convention. We would like to see a balance on one fellowship of all Abaco churches combined. Establish working relationship to help one another. It went bad when we broadcasted as a Northern Distict. We have to announce as the Bahamas Evangelical Church Abaco convention.

Roland Swain said that convention is the highlight of assemblies.

Chair: Do you have any comments on arranging two speakers per night ;one inspirational and the other as main speaker?:

The following were the comments made by the Members:

Mcbride: He must be in flow with the main speaker.

Roland: He doesn`t see anything wrong : It will leave space for the old and the new.

Pastor Knowles: Agrees to inspirational speaking that it will show case the younger men and women.

Deacon Jenson Edgcombe says Amen.

Pastor Ronald Mcintosh: If a leader is given an opportunity, it does good to people and convention. It appears that, excepting in-house people, outsiders recognition has not been attained.

4.Election of Speakers for the Next Meeting

Chair: Please inform who are the speakers for Next Meeting.

Paula V. Morley :The excitement with which a plan is made for the night speaking, the same enthusiasm must be shown towards the day session too.

Pastor Roland Mcintosh: It seems to be a problem with people attending the day session. ,  People must be encouraged to take vacation, lunch hour or few days off.  When a good speaker is invited, congregation must be benefited from the speeches delivered by them.

  • JensionL Sam has been elected as Speaker from night for the day session.
  • Rev Kennth Knowles has been elected for night session.

Bishop Roland Swain : Workshop encouraged people to take time off and go on vacation.

Mcbride: Shared the views of Pastor Knowles; Keep the same team as many people don`t know what family is all about. It is good to know what their passion is.

Pastor Antoine Joseph: He agrees with Pastor Knowles.

Pastor Kenneth Knowles: The time has come to change the mindset of our people. In other orgnizations members will fill in pen and pencil on their calendar the date of conference and begin to sell it to their congregation so that they can take vacation. The leader of each church must do that. For convention to be successful, the members have to set aside time to participate in this. Whatever is necessary to get the family involve and do it.

Pastor Mills: Why not have target subjects, then speakers can come in and speak on various subjects.

  1. Minister of Social Services: Can address our convention in one session.
  2. Church Council:
  • : Will deal with family crimes,
  • spouse abuse and
  • managing your finances.

If we are dealing with the family: what is the family challenge? It must create the most effective speaking.

Pastor Roland: Not political

Deacon Jenson: No, He had the previous experience of sharing outside. It is good to have these people come in , we have our people who can deal with some of these subjects.

Remember, we are thinking different, we do not want to stay in the box.

Rev Knowles: Social Service is the deacon in our church and that is no problem.

Rev Roland Swain: If they know the Lord, this is a spiritual setting.

Elder Mcbride : Agreed same. Give him an agenda. Pastor Knowles is passonate about the family.How people need to act at home, where it hurts, I can take on people and need to find out what is the real issue in our congregation.

5.A workshop is on the following :

1 People who can deal with family issues.

  • Couple need to know how to deal with family.
  • An approximate schedule
  • Tuesday - Wednesday Pastors Summit or Conference.
  • Wednesday : Social services.
  • Thursday :Workshop.

Suggestive Themes:

  • Family Crisis.
  • Restoration for the family.
  • There is hope for the family.
  • Where are the family.
  • Fight for the family.
  • Who deserve your family.
  • Defining the family.
  • Leader in the family.
  • Abuse in the family.

Primary topic

  • Monday Night : Defining the family.
  • Thursday : There is hope in the family.
  • Faliure in the family :Scripture Texts Matt 19:5;Deut 29:18;Gen 12:3 ;Eph. 3:15 and Psalm68:5-6.

Pastor Knowles concluded the Meeting and informed all the Members to join next meeting on April 22,2006.

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