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This project explains and explores the role that students in plays for, triggering, fostering and creating a more functional ,usability, Ideal and modern- kneeled Grading System which can be use mainly by the students and teachers for more organized ways of listing, adding, deleting, Inserting and on updating the grades of the students. In this part it is tackled the ways and procedures on how to plan the project, analyze the problems to be encountered, designing, and mostly coding which is very necessary to be done.

Aside from that, the reject is useless without the GUI which serves as the foreground of the program. In addition, Database which serves alternately as the storage of every Information and data which you are going to add, delete or update if necessary. However, all these cannot be possible without the help of every members in the group, that Is why the potential for Interaction and MME- tings of the people involved In creating this said System Is highly recommended for this to be done In time. Therefore established a functional, reliable, and user-friendly Online Grading System, cooperation and contributions are

Why use of Online Grading System? If we can still use instead of the traditional way of updating the grades? Simple, because it organizes one's work ,hassle free and can optimize and save more time. By combining all the procedures above and the qualitative knowledge of every group members in this task, the paper aims to provide and create a better and usable Online Grading System for the benefits of all the authorized people involved in here. This findings suggests that the role of the students in this said project is very necessary for making it work in the right direction to be done.

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