Automotive Air Filters Market- Global Trends

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Last Updated: 12 May 2020
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The automotive MOM air filters market is poised to witness an annulled growth of over 7. 47% from 2013 to 2018. In 2013, Asia-Oceania represents the largest market for automotive MOM air filters, followed by Europe, North America, and ROW (South America, Africa, and Russia). In terms of vehicle type, the passenger car segment leads the air filter market, globally. The passenger car segment is the leading market as the demand for passenger cars is higher than that of Lass and Hiss.

Considering he filter type, the intake air filter is the leading market for automotive air filters when compared to cabin air filters. Cabin air filters have been growing for the past few years and is growing at a promising CARR. The automotive air filters market includes a few dominant global players and several small and medium regional players. A few of the key players include Mann+Hummel (Germany), Affine (U. S. ), Cummins (U. S. ), etc. The top six players that include the above, accounted for about 47. 0% of the market share in 2012.

Mann+Hummel is a market leader and has a strong presence, globally. It provides automotive filters through its 'Automotive Original Equipment' & 'Automotive Aftermarket' business units. The business units provide various automotive filters that include air filters to the automotive Memos and aftermarket. Mann+Hummel is one of the leading suppliers of automotive air filters globally, with more than 50 locations spread across five continents. The company recently acquired its Joint venture 'Procurator Filters LLC' from Robert Busch (Germany).

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The company trenches its position in the market, through expansion into new and developing automotive markets such as India, Thailand, China, etc. The company had established a subsidiary in Thailand 'Mann and Hummel (Thailand) Ltd. To produce air management solutions of vehicle engines and a distribution center for filter elements.

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