Aromatherapy and Stress Reduction Essay

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My patient L.T. is a 35 twelve month old adult woman who just migrated late from West Africa. She is a parent of four children, running from two to 12 years old, and has just been diagnosed with an early cervical malignancy. Although this patient has a home history of cervical malignancy (her female parent died from complications of cervical malignancy metastasis), she had no symptoms before she was diagnosed with L. T., there were no symptoms, so it caused consternation for both her and her hubby of 12 years. Due to her domestic history of malignant neoplastic disease and the fact that she already has children (one miss and three baby boys), my patient's pickaxe intervention is to have an extremist hysterectomy. Although she understands the need for surgery and understands the process. L.T. soon sings a batch of accents, anxiety, and periods of depression, not only because of her new diagnosis or inquiries about whether the malignancy will return after surgery, but also about her sex life after surgery and about any malformations that accompany such major surgery.

Stress and anxiety can be psychologically overwhelming: not just exuberant hibernation or work, but it can also remove patient resistance and make an already sick person even more susceptible to infection and unhealthiness. Therefore, it is very important that my patient pay special attention and pay attention to the degree of his or her anxiety at this point.

The reason why I choose aromatherapy as a complementary therapy for this patient

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Aromatherapy, which is a sign of an alternative medical specialty, can be traced back 1,000 years, when the Egyptians were known to burn incense made from an aromatic tree. spices and herbs as a reward to their gods. The ancient Egyptians firmly believed that as the smoke rose to the heavens, it would transport their petitions and wishes directly to the gods. Moreover, the Egyptians used distillation techniques to extract oils from perfumed work, and these oils were so used for medicinal and decorative intentions, every bit as good as embalming the dead.
In addition, they used the kernels of these rites to perform their spiritual rites because they believed that certain fragrances derived from specific rites uplift the 1s. Thus, the advancement of aromatics as a medical specialty would give rise to the fundamentals upon which aromatherapy was built. At its core, the history of aromatherapy is inevitably linked to the development of the aromatic medical specialty, which combined early on with faith. thaumaturgy and mysticism ( Fontaine. 2011 ) . Aromatherapy is a scheme of using volatile working oils. pure essential oils derived from a wide range of Workss that have been steamed, distilled or cold-pressed from shrubs, flowers, fruits, seeds and roots to improve psychological and physical well-being ( Fontaine. 2011 ) .

Aromatherapy stimulates the immune system, moving through the cardinal nervous system, finally relaxing and elevating the emotional area 1s., reducing the emphasis, relieving depression and anxiety, stimulating and even soothing to restore both emotional and physical well-being. In addition, the application of appropriate oils can have a powerful effect; in addition, aromatherapy can be effective in alleviating a wide range of ailments, soothing aches, pains and aspirations, and therefore alleviating the discomfort of legionary wellness (Schnaubelt. 2011). A recent study showed that the essential oil of marjoram increases the production of 5-hydroxytryptamine, a neurotransmitter involved in the transmission of nerve urges. Serotonin is involved in modulating temperament, and instability of 5-hydroxytryptamine can affect temperament in ways that lead to depression In addition, several studies in the past few years have found that Alzheimer's patients become less anxious and restless when treated with the essential oils of lavender and lemon balm.

Another study showed that the essential oil of ylang-ylang stimulates the body's production of endorphins, an endocrine that causes feelings of well-being and decreased pain ( Schnaubelt. 2011 ) . Consequently, I would tell my patient that any clamp she would feel the impulse to scream at her children from defeat, or any time she felt depressed, it would be a good idea to remove the essential lavender oil, and its microscopic chemicals would instantly engage her nervous system to calm down, thus relaxing her musculature. Because of my patient's West African heritage, she is very open to the idea of aromatherapy. She tells a tale of how back home her maternal grandmother used to go to the bushes and pick a bunch of different leaves, shrubs and dorsum from the short pants of the trees to boil and either drink or use in the bath.

She mentions how her female parent had told her that it was to cleanse her organic structure and finally assist her grandma with bodily achings. L. T. is optimistic about her freshly gained cognition and greatly appreciates it. admiting that she is pretty certain it would assist her hurt during this clip of unpredictable crisis in her life. She promises to see the promenade in hunt of some aromatherapy emphasis decrease indispensable oils to buy every bit shortly as possible. I educated her on available web sites where she could buy choice indispensable oils. and besides how she can make her ain research online on different aromatherapy merchandises available for emphasis and anxiousness decrease. In decision, it is a proved fact that if used decently aromatherapy does work good with alternate medical specialty and interventions ; it is a confirmed natural redress for emphasis and anxiousness alleviation.


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