Argument Essay Random Drug Testing

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Argument Essay Random Drug Testing

Drug abuse has always been a very delicate question as it always it deals with the health, well-being and even lives of human beings belonging to any country. Many people have argued that mandatory drug testing is a violation of their civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution. The Fourth Amendment grants you the right against unreasonable searches and seizures, otherwise known as a person's right to privacy.

However, employers have the right to know whether or not the people working under them are stable to do their jobs. Indeed, for safety of all the humans randomly drug testing is the best way to maintain the quality of the employees. Legalizing drug testing has provoked quite an upheaval. Advocates claim that employers have every right to expect their workers to be sober on the job, especially when safety and security are on the line.

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Although, those who oppose random drug testing, argue that testing positive may not necessarily mean that the employee was intoxicated while working that all it proves is that they likely put a buzz on, someplace, sometime. So they all mean that randomly drug testing may interfere the employee`s personal life which is not really necessary to maintain his/her job safely. By the way ,this kind of un trustful behavior may damage the relationship between the employers and employees. However, drug addiction is a very complex illness that many people do not become aware of until it is too late.

All people have different reasons for doing drugs that have this illness, but all of them have many things in common including: unreliability - a very common characteristic when diagnosed with a drug addiction problem, and depression - a state that degrades a person's state of life and causes a loss of interest in everything they do(Wilson). By the way, teenagers are out of high school over 80 percent of them have experimented with drugs and alcohol. When they move on past graduation and into the unsupervised years of college this shocking statistic even goes up.

If it is so easy for minors to obtain illegal substances, a working adult has an even greater opportunity to acquire them. Countless people could be using drugs and alcohol on a regular basis that no one would even know about. Not more than one month goes by before you hear about some teenager dying in a car accident because of alcohol and his parents being shocked, or about neighbors that were stunned by a murder that happened in their neighborhood by a man who seemed to be just like everyone else. The truth is nobody can really know what someone is doing behind closed doors, and it could end up hurting someone else.

Drug misuse is associated with domestic violence, increased involvement with crime and police and decline in work quality. Obviously these characteristics would not even make a close to feasible argument as to why a person like that would be a candidate for any job(Terry). Because no person in their right state of mind would describe themselves in that manner during an interview, a simple drug test would show that information without anyone being hurt. It may vary depends on the situation because of that being prejudice about this topic may be conclude with the fire of your innocent and hard worker employee.

Drug abuse is getting increase day by day and it brings many concerns for parents ,employers and school directors. Because of all the responsibility of the safety is on the leaders shoulders, we should accept all the things that they have been doing for the maintenance of safety. In this point of view, as it is not ethically true randomly drug testing may abused. Additionally, it may prevent the future danger possibilities which may cause the bankruptcy of the company(Danny, p. 53). Because of all these dangers a little bit of prevention would be ignored.

Some people may reject these kind of checkups but they would logically accept because people may abuse things if they have chance. Finally, as an employer you have a responsibility to oversee the people that work for you and you are accountable for their actions on the job. Ethically, randomly drug testing may interfere the employees personal life it is essential to make it for the safety of the job. Because of the drug abuse is widely distributed and has many side effects on people`s daily life , employers have rights to check up their employees.

It is only logical that they have the right to know whether or not their employees are capable of doing something that could hurt their company or the people who use their services, or whether they just wouldn't be productive enough to produce an acceptable quality of work. Sometimes we can do things which we do not prefer but because of the importance of situations may forced ourselves to do them.

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