Are You Really Who You Wanted To Be?

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A clear reflection of yourself is the most beautiful creature you can ever see in front of the mirror. " I can still remember signing a slumberous or autograph book during my high school life. It comes with a variety of questions regarding personal information, favorites, ambition, and a lot more. But one thing I will never forget is the part wherein I were asked to describe myself.

Describing yourself is Just a piece of cake, isn't it? That's what I also think at first, but at the middle of describing how I look or what personality I have, I suddenly have to ask myself what I am really pertaining to? Am I defining myself base on how I see It? Or how other people see It? We are living In a world which Is full of uncertainties. Yet behind any uncertainty, Is a certain reason why we exist. It Is simply because we exist for a purpose.

Unfortunately, we used to live with what other people think about us, and that Idea has the ability to destroy what we truly aim for. It Is an Issue that people didn't realize at all. Lucky are those who can define themselves as who they really are, with no pretension and no hesitation. So If you think of changing yourself In order to reach he expectation of others, think again! Is that really what you wanted? If not, then don't proceed because If you fall, you'll Just end up feeling worthless and frustrated.

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A YES to the question "are you really who you wanted to be? " Is an Indication of satisfaction In life. If you appreciate everything In life, It will be easy for you to live as the real you and meet the perfect state of happiness. A clear reflection of yourself Is the most beautiful creature you can ever see In front of the mirror. Remember, God's creature Is always beautiful In different ways, and we have to be thankful for that.

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