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The average neighborhood. Exposition: The Clashes, two crazy people and their revolting dog are introduced as moving into the neighborhood of David Parker. David Parker has just lost his father and the Clashes are creating quite a riot in the neighborhood, and their dog Monty, is the dirty dog that just seems to mope around. Rising Action: The Clashes take very bad care of Monty, feeding him potato peels and craps that make him ill.

He is also covered in infectious scabs and other bits of filth. David notices that Monty, the dog, has attempted many suicide attempts due to his depressing life with the Clashes. David is going through his own troubles as his father has moved away. His grades are dropping, he is always in a sour mood, and is easily aggravated. His mother worries very much about him. Eventually, though, the Clashes moved away, leaving their dog behind. David decides to take him into his own home one day, as Monty avoids yet another suicide attempt. Climax:

Burglaries are occurring the neighborhood where David lives, and Monty, during a burglary at Davit's own home, saves Davit's life. Falling Action: After this life-changing event, David comes to love and take care of Monty like never before. Month's condition changes wonderfully; he is not the only one. David starts to take responsibility for his own life. He gets a job and takes care of his dog, his grades go up, and he is in a generally better mood.

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