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AP US history

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You should be very proud of yourself. Prepare o immerse yourself in the great story that is U. S. History. As Mark Twain once wrote, "Truth Is stranger than fiction, but It Is because fiction Is obliged to suck to possibilities; Truth isn't. Unfortunately, this class will only meet one period a day. Therefore, you are required to do readings and preparation over the summer (see below). Feel free to email me over the summer with any questions or concerns (l will be going away to Europe and Florida so be patient for a reply).

Summer Assignment: You will need a copy of Howard Zion's, A People's History of the united States: 1492 - present Directions: 1 . Due on the first day of class: You are required to answer the questions for the assigned chapters. 2. Your response must be typed. 3. This Is an individual assignment. 4. Your answers should be as detailed as the question requires AND you must cite the pages from which you draw your response. Chapter 1 - "Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress" 1. According to Zion, what Is his mall purpose for writing A People's History of the United States? . Write down he five most important things Zion says about Columbus and the two most important things Zion says about the writing of history. Chapter 2 - "Drawing the Color Line" 1. Why were Africans considered "better" slaves than Indians In Valhalla? 2. How did slavery in Africa differ from slavery in Europe and the Americas? 3. Why did slave 1 OFF poor whites and slaves in a rebellion? Chapter 4 - "Tyranny is Tyranny' 1. After reading the entire chapter, describe Zion's purpose for the chapter. 2. What myth, associated with "Common Sense," has come down from 1776?

To what extent is the myth true? (include evidence) 3. Explain the statement: "Tyranny is Tyranny let it come from whom it may. " Chapter 11 - "Robber Barons and Rebels" FYI: Chapter 4 and 11 are similar in the description of power and a class struggle. Pages 253 - 262 or the reading before the description of schools 1 . Horopito Alger wrote of "rags to riches" stories and the opportunity for anyone to make a fortune. To what extent did Lager's stories represent fact or to what extent did Lager's stories represent myth? Cite specific evidence to support your position.

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Pages 262 forward or the reading beginning with the description of schools 2. What do you believe is the purpose of education in today's world? How is your opinion similar to or different from the purpose of education in the years between 1860 and 1900? Cite specific evidence to support your position. 3. Describe the factors (1860- 1900) that led the farmer, the "backbone of the US economy', to organize against capitalists (industrialists) and government. 4. Explain specific ways that the Farmer's Alliance movement addressed he factors that led to organization.

Chapter 17 - "Or Does It Explode? " 1. What is Zion's thesis for this chapter? 2. Describe the mood of the poems that Zion includes in the chapter. 3. Who represented the African American sentiment the most and WHY? Dry. Martin Luther King, Jar. , Malcolm X, or Hue Newton and the Black Panthers. Chapter 18 - "The Impossible Victory: Vietnam" 1 . Who was responsible for ending the war in Vietnam? The President of the US, the Military, or the war protesters? WHY? Support your answer with evidence!!!

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