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APUSH Summer Assignment: American Nations

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El Norte is one of the nations and the two themes that explains the founding of this nation is beliefs & culture, and Politics & Power. Culture has already been brought upon America with the indigenous people. However, when Spain was given this nation they had to convert to Catholicism. “ Pope Alexander ordered it to convert all the hemisphere’s inhabitants to Catholicism”(24). America was a country that was developing better than Europe; therefore, the Spanish wanted to live a better life and with the Pope insisting them to convert to Catholicism in order for them to settle in this nation, it was the best option for them.

In 1630, when the Europeans began coming to the Americas, they spread many diseases causing the deaths of many. “ Americas had crashed by 80 to 90 percent as epidemics and warfare spread from points of European contact”(26) This affects El Norte because everyone became poor and helpless. The Spanish built armies to fight in the Protestant wars against Europe and the Religious wars, however, Spain was weak and helpless and many people died and El Norte’s population decreased.

New France is another nation that is explained by the themes of Ideas/belief and Peopling. This quote contributes to the themes because it shows how New France accepted all people and was focused on bettering the nation. “ Commoners would be allowed-rights unheard of in France… Instead of conquering and enslaving the Indians, the New French would embrace them”(35).

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Peopling and Ideas/beliefs are themes seen in this quote because the French migrated to the nation with the intentions of building a Feudal society; however, they wanted a close relationship with the Indians and were very nice to them, allowing them to even have a cross-culture marriage. The nobles even allowed Protestant French people to migrate with them and allow them to practice the religion with no problem. They also allowed commoners to hunt and fish which in France was unbelievable. This shows how New France was egalitarian and wanted to develop in a good way with no problem.

Tidewater is another nation that had a really bad environment. “ Of the 104 settlers...only 38 were alive nine months later”(45). Many of the settlers died due to the environment. They lived near swamps and all the human waste and garbage were left on the streets and there was no way for it to leave causing many disease pandemics. It also had a way of peopling. “ Indentured servants were bought, sold, and treated like livestock”(48). They brought these works to do some labor, however, they weren’t treated very well and even though they servants were white, there were a few blacks that did have some rights and were treated fairly the same as the white indentured servants.

Yankeedom is another nation that is explained by the themes belief and politics. “ This tradition of… direct democracy has remained central to Yankee culture”(60). Yankeedom people are usually the descendants of New England and they had a democratic society where the adults got to vote and everyone had the same privileges. “ The first Americans were God’s chosen people”(63). The Puritans believed that it was God’s plan to go to America and start a new society there. This motivated the Yankeedom community in building a new society and thought that going to the Americas was a good choice.

New Netherland is another nation that is explained by the themes of politics and beliefs. “ The company imported eleven slaves to address its shortage of laborers”(71). New Netherlands was a trading center where many people would trade commodities. However, when it became more popular, they needed people to do labor work in order to trade more commodities and that is how the slave trade began and this brought them to have more power. “ Everyone shall remain free in religion”(68). This nation was very diverse since there were about 18 languages spoken in the center and they allowed freedom of religion because since it was a trading center people of different religions would come, and it was a matter of respect for the people.

The Deep South is a nation that is explained by the themes of peopling and work & technology. “ Deep South did slavery become the central organizing principle of the economy and culture”(87). The people were first the founders of Barbados which was known for brutal slavery. The same thing happened in the Deep South, the slaves were brought to the nation and were treated horribly. The slaves working in the fields was the basis of the economy of the nation despite the fact that race was an issue and that the founders were white supremacists.

The Midlands is another nation that is explained by the themes of peopling and politics. “ Penn’s marketing campaign was so successful that it soon brought an even larger wave of settlers”(95). Penn colonized what is now Pennsylvania and he had a dream to have a well-built society. He advertised this nation in many countries in Europe and many were intrigued and many immigrated to the nation. However, the government system wasn’t organized. They assumed that the people would discipline themselves, which didn’t go as planned and it caused raids between them and the Indians.

The Greater Appalachia is another nation that is explained by the themes of peopling and identity. “ They formed a vigilante gang to hunt the bandits down”(109). The founders of this nation are refugees from Scotland. When they moved here they began to be very mobile and used their animals like pigs and cattle to get to places. When banditry became more common, they started their own gang called the Regulators and it was a type of protective force to keep their nation safe.

The Left Coast is another nation that is explained by the themes of peopling and culture. “ The culture that formed… very similar to those in western Oregon and Washington”(223). In the 1820’s many Jesuits from France and Spain were immigrating to the nation which worried the English. The El Norte people settled in the California area and the Yankees in Oregon and Washington. Those in California advertised that they were going to start school and churches to make them Yankees to come over; however, it didn’t happen, but it did leave California, Oregon, and Washington to have a similar culture.

The Far West is another nation that is explained by the themes environment and technology. “ Railroad companies… controlled the development of much of the vast territory”(247). When the people first came to the nation their plans were to farm and grow plants. However, since the area was dry and hot it was impossible to do it. However, the railroad companies began to make railroads which provided transportation and also inspired other industries to start. Also, the railroads were the basis of society as the people depended on it. Anyway, despite the environmental conditions, they were able to colonize the Far West by railroad companies.

The First Nation is another nation that is explained by the themes environment and identity. “ Canadian landmass and spurring the emergence of the largest nation of them all”(313). The nation has a harsh climate similar to the Far West which made it hard to do things especially since it was a vast region. Also, the people that first came to the nation were independent and were never conquered by anyone which shows how important the nation is to them and how they gained land in Northern Canada.

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