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It also demonstrates how the relative impact of water and sediment to toxicity is not certain with acid mine drainage. The effect on the macroinvertebrate assemblage confirmed that the concentrations of common metals in the surface water were more toxic when transplanted into “clean” water, than when sediment that was from a high metal concentration in a stream was transplanted. The conclusion of the study was that to remediate AMD sites, improving water quality should be focused on more than improving sediment quality. This is a scientific journal that describes how acid mine drainage (AMD) typically results in decreased pH, increased metal and salt concentrations, and biological productivity decreases. With that being said, removal and/or treatment of the AMD should increase the pH, decrease the metal concentration, and increase biological activity. Streambed sediments were collected from an AMD contaminated Creek and were assessed for effects of pH, ionic strength, DOC concentration, time, and particle size on metals release using a factorial design. In summary, results suggest that the changes in water chemistry following the treatment of AMD would result in the release of metals from the existing sediments with a more substantial effect on the release.

Results showed a low pH, high TDS containing high Cu in river water and sediment in the upstream region of Le An river due to pollution from the Dexing copper mine, and also high concentrations of Zn and Cu in surface water and sediments, high release potential and ready bioavailability of heavy metals were found downstream due to pollution form Jishui river. This study concludes that the pollution from acid mine drainage in the Le An river potentially affects an ecological impact on the aquatic ecosystem. This is a scientific journal that relates changes in water chemistry of two adjacent northern Ontario shield Lakes in Canada. One of the lakes is affected by acid mine drainage (AMD) and remediation measures and the other one is much larger and is not affected by acid mine drainage.

Phytoplankton diversity and composition were analyzed in both of the lakes. Zn concentrations and pH levels were also monitored. Differences and changes of one-third of the taxa that were present in each lake had to do with pH levels alone. Effect of an acid mine drainage effluent on phytoplankton biomass and primary production at Britannia Beach, Howe Sound, British Columbia. This is a scientific journal that describes how acid mine drainage from an abandoned copper mine at Britannia Beach affects the primary productivity and chlorophyll levels in the receiving waters of Howe Sound before, during, and after freshness from the Squamish River. During April (pre-freshness) and November (post-freshness) copper negatively affected primary productivity due to regression and correlation analyses. In July (freshness), negative effects were not supported statistically, which could be due to additional effects such as turbidity from the Squamish River. The short study showed that copper concentrations from AMD discharge can affect both primary productivity and the primary producers of Howe Sound negatively.

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This is a scientific journal that describes the behavioral and feeding responses (as well as mortality) that acid mine drainage has on the Echinogammarus meridionalis. The original river water was used as control and three doses of treatments were given by adding increasing volumes of AMD to the control. The increase in AMD concentration (with consequential pH decrease and increase in the concentration of most metals) was followed by an increase in mortality, a decrease of locomotion and feeding activity, and inhibition of the feeding rate. In the two highest AMD concentrations mortality was observed. In the second treatment, a significant decrease in average locomotion and feeding activity.

This is a scientific journal that describes how acid mine drainage increases the amounts of metals in the surrounding soil. This study demonstrates how the richness, diversity, and abundance of nematodes are affected by the acid mine drainage, and thus hints that the ecosystem health decreases with the acid mine drainage. Differences in pH, metal concentrations (Cd, Pb, Zn, and Ni), electrical conductivity (EC), and available phosphorus measurements between contaminated (CS) areas and non-contaminated (NC) areas were found to be significantly different. Organic matter content, nitrogen content, and soluble cations were found to not be significantly different between SC and NC. Water chemistry and ecotoxicity of an acid mine drainage-affected stream in subtropical China during a major flood event. This is a scientific journal that demonstrates how chemistry and ecotoxicity of stream water are affected by acid mine drainage. The study occurred during a major flood in a tributary catchment of the Pearl River in subtropical China. Results of the study concluded that the stream was affected by acid mine drainage due to the flood. Fe, Zn, and Al were the major metals studied, but Mn, Cu, As, Cd, and Ni were looked at as well. The concentrations of the metals decreased as they tested down the stream.

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