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Reflection Essay on Annotated bibliography

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The article Is useful to my research topic, as the Ideas are derive from grounding. The Limitation of this article Is that the author did not go extensively Into the my research topic. However It will be useful as supplementary information on grounding which will form the basis of my research; Champion. V. , Drudge, J. , & McAllen, L. (2012). Corporate Faceable pages: when "fans" attack. Journal Of Business Strategy,This article examines social media such as Faceable play an Important role In how companies response to their customer feedback.

The authors draw on close studies on Faceable journal articles, s well as their own finding from various web articles to identify the cause of social media crisis dramatists by Nestle during the year 2010 and the mitigation factors in social media crisis. The article provides a strong theoretical view on social media interaction between companies and their customer. Therefore, It will be favorable to use this article for my research topic as the content analysis will be done on the comments If their Faceable page. Bi, F. , & Constant, J. (2012).

Customer Service 2. 0: Where Social Computing Meets Customer Relations. IEEE Computer, 45(1 1), 93--95. The article assesses the shift of business owners traditional suggestion box to the new social media and the side effect of it. The authors use data gained through surveys by Compact, an IT Industry association to Illustrate the number of social media accounts that the companies own, as well as Interviewing business owners and customers on their view In relation to social media. Therefore, this article is useful for my research topic.

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Reflection Essay on Annotated bibliography

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The main limitation of the article is that the research data was only collected from one source. However, it will still be useful for my research topic. Venereal, S. , Cattle, 1. , Demulcents, L. , & Delineate, M. (2013). The effects of social media marketing on online consumer behavior. International Journal Of Business And Management, 8(14), 66-79. In this article, the authors examine how different types of social media user react to online advertisements as well as how were they engaged. The authors' uses data collected from surveys which targeted at the students whom are social media consumer.

Data analysis was done based on their experiences of viewing an online advertisement and the authors identified new concept of social media consumers. This article Is appropriate to be used for my limitation of this article is that the data samples were based on students instead of general consumers. However, it is still particularly useful in providing various form of social media consumer which could relate to my research topic. Elkhart, M. , & Seneca, S. (2011). Segmenting the online consumer market. Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 29(4), 421--435.

This article analyses the interaction patterns use by online consumers on the internet. The authors' gathered sample data through online survey, which came from a large consumer panel in Canada. From the survey result, the authors identified different types of online consumer and their interaction method in the internet as well as their purchasing behaviors. These finding would assist in my research topic, in particular with the interaction method. The limitation of this article is that the sample data came from online survey which may be lack of validation as compare to laboratory experiment.

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