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Essay Summary of Annotated Bibliography

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This article will help illuminate my thesis because it will give me something that I can rebuttal against and prove that they are wrong. Cook, Kevin. "Dying to Play. " New York Times 11 September 2012. Web. 27 December Cook is telling the story of a Tulane university student that had a severe accident in a football game. He is very interested with the issue that a lot of football players are getting major brain injuries due to hard helmet to helmet hits. The intended audience for this short article Is the NFG, high school, and college football players.

This article gives me a good story to refer to In my paper on why football Is so dangerous the way It Is. Schoolhouse, Gay. Throwaway Players: The Concussion Crisis From Pee Wee Football to the NFG. Lake Forest: Beheld Publications, 2012. Print. Schoolhouse Is talking about why football Is so dangerous and how easy It is to damage your brain. He was a former president of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which tells us that he loves football and it was his life. His intended audience is most likely going to be all football players.

This will help illuminate my thesis because it is giving e information that I agree with and information that I am arguing for. Gregory, Sean. "The Problem with Football: How to Make It Safer. " 28 January 2010. Web. 27 December 2012. Gregory is writing this article to try to help football players out by searching for ways to make contact football a safer sport. He is using Greg Hadley as an example of how it is so dangerous because he has had several concussions from his days of playing football. The audience that would benefit from this article the most is all ages and all levels of football players.

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This article will help me write my thesis because I am head injuries. Guppy, Sandy. More Cases of Brain Disease Found in Football Players. CNN Health. 4 December 2012. Web. 24 January 2013. Guppy is getting interviewed in this video and he is explaining how one brain disease could ever explain a single act. This Neurologist is very smart and knows what he is talking about. The story that Guppy is talking about is similar to the other article about the ex-wife who is suing the NFG. The audience for this video is all football players and parents of football players. Handmaiden, Kari. Head to Head. " Science World 68. (2012): 14-17. Web. 24 January 2013. Handmaiden is telling us about a study that shows how football players might be damaging their brains even though they are not showing any signs of a concussion. This author is using credible studies to get her point across to all football players from pee wee all the way to NFG. Handmaiden is teaching us about some of the same things that Schoolhouse is teaching us. They are both saying that even a little hit can cause damage even if you do not get a concussion. This Journal is very important to y thesis because it explains the dangers in playing a full contact sport such as football.

Sundial, Rural, Charles B. Newman, and Samuel A. Hughes. 100 Questions & Answers About Head and Brain Injuries. Sturdy: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2009. Print. Sundial and the other others are Just answering commonly asked questions about brain injuries in this book. They are all doctors and are trained in this area. The audience for this book is everyone because it deals with all kinds of different injuries. This will help me with my thesis because it will give me information that I don't know ND that I needed to know.

Peters, Michael, Nicola Manfully, Stephen Motto, Pants Thomas, and Scott Tindal. Every Day Sports Injuries. New York: DC Publishing, 2010. Print. Peters and the other editors wrote this book to teach people about how injuries can occur and how to treat them. Peters is a doctor and has a lot of skill in this area, he knows how injuries can occur and why they occur. This will help me create my thesis because it will teach me how easy a football player can injure themselves if they don't take care of themselves. Webb, Frank M. , and Jeffrey T. Birth.

Clinics In Sports Medicine Head and Neck Injures sports Medicine. " 22. 3 (2003): 577-92. Web. 24 January 2013. Playing a contact sport or even a nonchalant sport can get a head injury. Both of these authors are Pad's which means they are certified doctors and they do know what they are talking about. The intended audience for this Journal is for all athletes and people who would like to know how dangerous sports can be. This work helps illuminate my thesis because it is giving me information that will further expand my knowledge of how dangerous head injuries are and how we need to keep our heads afar.

Wilier, Barry. "Sea's Family Sues NFG Over Brain Injuries. " Boston. 23 January 2013. Web. 24 January 2013. Wilier is telling the story of a deceased football players ex-wife. This women is trying to sue the NFG for causing her husband to get brain injuries causing him to kill himself. The audience for this article is basically everyone who watches and or plays football. This article will give me a story to refer to when I am arguing that we need to make more rules and regulations in the game of football keep every player safer.

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