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Persuasive Speech About Protecting Animals

I am very pleased to be here to address the Animal Welfare Intergroup, and to discuss with you,in particular, the essential rights of animals. Even nowadays, in most people’s eyes, animals have no consciousness, no thoughts, and no emotions. Therefore, human regard them as an …

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Endangered Animals

Introduction Endangered animals are one of the most issues that are affecting the earth today. Endangered animals are any species of animals that is at significant risk of extinction due to the dramatic decline in its population and habitat destruction. The endangerment caused by poaching, …

AnimalsEndangered AnimalsExtinct Animals
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Extinct Animals

Animal that has gone extinct ( Alasmidonta mccordi The Coosa elktoe, scientific name Alasmidonta mccordi, was a species of freshwater mussel, an aquatic bivalve mollusk in the family Unionidae, the river mussels. This species was endemic to the United States. [pic] I didn’t manage to …

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The Life of Endangerd Species

I am doing my project on endangered species. In the world there are a lot of endangered species for example: birds, insects, tigers, whales and many more. I have learned many things from this project on how the animals get endangered and ways how to …

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Extinction is the termination of a kind of organism or of a group of kinds, usually a species. The moment of extinction is generally considered to be the death of the last individual of the species, although the capacity to breed and recover may have been lost before this point.

Frequently asked questions

What are extinct animals?
Extinct animals are animals that have died out. The last known member of a species is called a fossil.""
What are extinct animals answer?
Extinct animals are animals that are no longer alive. This can mean that the last individual of the species has died, or that the species is no longer able to breed and produce offspring. There are many reasons why animals might become extinct, including changes in the environment, changes in the food supply, disease, and human activity.
What is the importance of extinct animals?
There are a number of reasons why extinct animals are important. First, they can provide insights into the history of life on Earth and the evolution of different species. Extinct animals can also help us to understand the ecology and environment of the past. Additionally, studying extinct animals can help us to develop conservation strategies to prevent other species from becoming extinct. Finally, extinct animals can be important to people for cultural and spiritual reasons.
How can animals be extinct?
The most common is through habitat loss, where animals are no longer able to find the food or shelter they need to survive. This can be caused by natural disasters, such as hurricanes or floods, or by human activity, such as deforestation or building roads and houses in animal habitats. Other causes of extinction include hunting, pollution and disease.

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