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A fill blade is moved across the screen stencil, forcing ink into the mesh openings for transfer by capillary action during the stroke. Because Andy was not actually drawing on the piece of work, it lost all personal ties with the artist and when he would press the ink filled paper onto what would become the finished piece of work, the lines took an irregular form. Warhol uses repetition in his paintings to guide the on looker away from any feelings f empathy and intimacy. His style ends the need for interpretation because the surface of the work is a recognizable reality that still moves the viewers (Ere 9. Whorl's work can best be described using Plat's allegory of the cave that man is trapped in a shadowed realm and subjected to the delusion that the shadows are hardly distinguishable from the real world. In Whorl's paintings after-images of humanity are projected on a surface that has been altered through color and cosmetics so they become unlike real life. The reason he painted so withdrawn can be linked to his lack of social development when he was younger, he was unpleasant tit his classmates, showed little to no appreciation or interest in anything, but he had always seemed to have a goal in mind.

It is said that Warhol aimed to become like Henry Matisse because he was so well known in his career that all he had to do was tear up pieces of paper and glue them together and they would become a masterpiece. Warhol aimed to have that world- wide recognition (Wren 12. ) He began to portray celebrities in his works of art. Although the works had very similar names, they were done in different fashions. This shows how Whorl's work began to regress and become increasingly experimental in such a short amount of time. Both paintings Double Liz and Double Elvis were done in 1963 and both were done with only the medium as a connection.

For Double Liz, Warhol set two enlarged illustrations of Liz Taylor on a canvas that was primed with silver; there is hardly a contrast in themes and the figure blends into the background. He creates a rectangular form that is placed in front of the silver's background. Double Liz was printed on a single, continuous roll of canvas. When creating Double Elvis, he no longer wanted to show a surface tone and this painting shows Elvis slightly overlapping himself and his dealer Irving Blue was instructed to stretch and cut them to Whorl's desired taste. The two stars were united in an exhibition at the Freer Gallery.

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Warhol printed almost entirely on silver backgrounds during his most extreme phase of the exhibition's preparations which amortized his stars not on the "great silver screen" but in his silver silkscreen paintings (Can't 114-117. ) Warhol said, "No matter how good you are, if you're not promoted right, you won't be remembered. "(Wren 23. ) His statement is completely true and this is one of the reasons he took a liking to portraying celebrities in his images. If the celebrities talked highly of him and created a buzz then he would be remembered Just as they would. Andy began his film career in the early ass's.

He wanted to depict simple would be of Just one actor, smoking or eating, because people go to the movies usually to see the star. They were very raw versions of film. Andy wasn't doing experimental film; he was really experimenting with people and the way they behaved as a character. Warhol enjoyed making movies that had no script, especially no plot because if it had a plot and you have seen it once, then you wouldn't want to attach it again because you already know the ending. But if it is Just a conversation between two people, then you can catch things you missed the first time.

A major theme in all of Ands work is that he enjoys seeing the same image or scene over and over again. He has been called boring because he likes the same things but whether it's in his prints or films, you can catch something new and different that you may have noticed the first time you saw them and it might evoke a different feeling upon seeing it again (Andy. The subjects of his movies were unlike those being made in the present day. They were really quite simple. What he created promoted the consumer's interests, he created for himself but the public fell in love.

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