Analyzing of the Changes that Occurred during the 1960’s in Civil Rights Movements

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To what extent did economic and political developments as well as assumptions about the nature of nature of women affect the position of American women during the period 1890-1925?
In the years 1890-1925, the role of women in American society had changed politically, economically, and socially. Women were no longer considered the servant of men. She was considered an important part of society, but wasn’t able to lead in areas dominated by men. In this time period this is when things started to change for the women.

The late 1800’s saw an emergence of women’s rights groups. These groups stressed that women were not only able to do skilled jobs, but capable in acquiring these positions. In the past, when had been held back by the lack of education, strength, and the amount of money in their banking account. However, women began to seeing an availability of an education, jobs, and social events. As the 1800’s comes to an end ant the 1900’s enter women began to see clearly. Then in the 1908 the Supreme Court ruled the Muller vs. Oregon case, which said that even though women were becoming better educated, they still couldn’t have the same treatment men did; the court also believed that women belonged at home, in a class by herself (Doc B).

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Throughout all these rulings, some women began to feel that society might not be the place for them. Under all that pressure, women’s rights groups enhanced their campaign and pushed hard for women’s rights. They were mainly focus on the need for women to vote. They stressed this because at the time women felt that voting was helpless. They supposed they lived in a society that needed them to only serve men and bear children. The women’s rights groups changed that though by pushing women to get jobs to support their families and nation and also vote for understanding politicians.

After a good period of time, the women of this country began to fight back. They started fighting back by getting jobs hat paid off and by voting. After women were held back by society, women won the battle for social equality. In 1923, the Supreme Court ruled Adkins vs. Children’s Hospital that there previous ruling in the Muller case was wrong (Doc J). That court had also say that from 1908-1923 the status of women had almost been changed completely.

A women’s movement occurred during 1890-1925. It began with women were entering the personnel for their right to work. It continued with involvement of middle class women in social issues and continued with the new workers during the World War I. It ended with economically independent women during the noisy 20’s. Economic opportunities opened the chance for women to become politically active and change how America views women. As the position of women increased so did their income.

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