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When we first look at the Archers Advert the primary optical area (POA) is a beautiful young woman. The primary optical area is the first place the eye goes when looking at an advertisement. The reason that this woman is POA is because she is dressed in white, modern clothing which contrasts with the dark gothic style background. The niche market of this advertisement is young single women who drink alcohol, when we look at this woman we see she is picking a lock with her hairclip. This is a very powerful image; it implies she is independent, resourceful, innovative and uses her initiative.

Just above her hand is the text `Rapunzel 2002`, again connotations enter our heads, it relates to the fairy tale Rapunzel. In the book there is a beautiful Princess who finds herself locked in a tall tower with no way to get out, but a young handsome prince comes to her rescue by using her amazingly long hair to pull himself up and break her free. At this point we realize what the `2002` means, she is suppose to epitomize modern women, the message is this is what a modern Rapunzel would be like. She isn't waiting for a knight in shining amour to come and rescue her, she takes matters into her own hands and breaks her self out because she is strong, independent, modern woman. This technique of flattery is very effective.

The words `Rapunzel 2002` are written in white which again contrasts with the background, there is a constant contrast between old and new whether its between Rapunzel and Rapunzel 2002 or style. The font style of the words `Rapunzel 2002` are modern in comparison with the background. In the bottom right hand corner there is a picture of some Archers bottles (the actual product being advertised), that to along with a slogan beneath it are bright and modern in comparison with the background. The slogan reads `come out to play`, this is insinuating that `Rapunzel 2002` is trying to `come out to play` and drink Archers.

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It is therefore also insinuating that by drinking Archers you can be like Rapunzel 2002, independent, this is ironic because after a young woman has seen this advert if she was to drink Archers it could mean she might have been persuaded to drink Archers and therefore are not independent. The image of the Archers bottles and the slogan are the terminal area of the advert, which means they are the last thing the eye sees before leaving that advert. This is effective because once you have taken in all the other advertising techniques/devices being used the last thing you see is the actual product. This will make you subconsciously remember the advert next time you see the bottle or slogan.

The asymmetrical composition of the advert means that there is a lot of space on the other side of the page, but this space isn't wasted. There are a couple of props, one of them is a pair of scissors the other is a mass of hair that is supposed to be `Rapunzel 2002's` hair. The image of the hair is very powerful because it shows a rebellious side to her, she is not conforming. In my opinion her hair represents her innocence and her reliance upon men, by cutting her hair off she is making it impossible for a prince to climb up and rescue her, which means it she isn't relying on a man. The scissors represent `Rapunzel 2002's` rebellion against a stereotypical hierarchy in society in which men are unfairly placed above women for no good reason.

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