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With the alterations of Bursa Malaysia Listing Requirement and Malayan Corporate Code Governance from the past few old ages up to twelvemonth 2012, it is going indispensable for the populace listed company to measure the alteration in order to follow with the jurisprudence and ordinance and besides to guarantee sound administration in the organisation. Furthermore, there are non merely alterations in BMSLR and MCCG but the general legal, regulative and administration model besides have undergone major and minor alterations in past old ages. Therefore, the intent of this study is to urge and educate all officers of the company harmonizing to the alterations in functions and responsibilities of executive direction and besides the actions program should be implement by president of the board and other officer in order to guarantee the encourage internal stakeholder engagement and guarantee sound administration of the company.

2.0 Content

2.1 Changes in the functions and responsibilities of executive direction

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In old clip, the duty of the managers and executives are merely to do certain that the company is following with the Torahs and ordinance of the state and besides to accomplish their mark which maximize the company net income and besides the stockholder wealth. However, in today society, there is non plenty for managers that merely concentrate on net income of the company and stockholder wealth but besides require concentrating more on administration. In today organisation, a company board of managers is charged with the duty of keeping good corporate administration. The following are the functions and duties of the executive direction alterations in today 's organisations, including:

Formalize ethical criterion in the workplace- In chief 1 recommendation 1.3 of MCCG 2012 had recommended that the board should formalise ethical criterion through a codification of behavior and guarantee all members of the company will follow with it. Therefore, the responsibility of the Board is to develop a corporate civilization of moralss, brewing throughout the company. The board needs to implement an appropriate internal system to back up, promote and guarantee its conformities by design its ain codification and system based on the values it prizes as appropriate concern behaviour. The codification of behavior should includes the appropriate channels of communicating, contributing to expose employees, clients, providers or other stakeholders concerned about possible or suspected misdemeanors of the codification behaviour, or any non-compliance with the jurisprudence and ordinances of the company. For illustration, the Board may set up a communicating nexus or steer employees how to pass on straight with the Board and chances for whistle blowing. The board besides should reexamine the codification of behavior sporadically and the abstract of the codification of behavior should be set out on the corporate functionary web site. Therefore, as compared to old MCCG regulative model, MCCG 2012 had required the board of the company concern non merely on jurisprudence and ordinance but besides ethical criterion of the company.

Oversight scheme to cover with sustainable development- In recommendation 1.4 of MCCG 2012 besides recommended that the board should guarantee that the company scheme to advance sustainable development. The scheme of the company should be pay attending on three facets of concern which include environmental, societal and administration which underpin sustainability of the company. Therefore, equilibrating ESG facets with the involvement of assorted stakeholders in the company will be the indispensable responsibility for the manager to heightening investor perceptual experience and public trust. In order to carry through the three facet of the concern, company should formalise the policies on sustainability and stakeholder direction. The strategic of the company must convey benefit to the environment and society such as manager can implement travel green undertaking. For illustration, company can be after to bring forth eco friendly merchandise such as intercrossed autos which can assist to cut down air pollution and convey a batch of benefit to the consumers and besides increase the net income of the company. Other than this, the board besides should guarantee the company discloses these policies and their execution in the one-year study and besides the corporate functionary web site which can assist to heighten answerability. Harmonizing to chief 7 recommendation 7.1 of MCCG 2012 recommended that the board should guarantee the company has appropriate corporate revelation policies. The board should set up an internal corporate revelation policies and processs which are practical and include feedback from direction. The board should guarantee these policies and processs are following with the revelation demands as set out in the Bursa Malaysia listing demands. In explicating these policies and processs, the board should follow the best patterns and processs. Other than this, the boards of managers besides have the duty to move as the defender of equity, transparence and answerability in all of the company 's policies, execution and commercial minutess, and safeguard the involvements of investors and the broader involvements of stakeholders. In order to carry through this duty, the manager board should stay active, informed and in charge of the supervising of the company. Overall, the MCCG 2012 had recommended the board should be concern environment, societal, administration and besides Torahs and ordinance but non as the former manager of its chief duties focus on maximising stockholder wealth

Review and public its board charter- By mentioning to principal 1 recommendation 1.7 of MCCG 2012 had recommended that the board should formalize, reexamine on a regular basis and do its board charter transparent to the populace. Board Charter contains the strategic purpose of the Board of Directors, and an overview of the Board of Directors functions and duties. The board charter represents a beginning mention and primary initiation literature, supply penetrations to future members of the Board and senior direction. It will besides help the Board to measure their ain public presentation include its single managers public presentation. In set uping a board charter, it 's important for the board to sketch the key values, rules, and ethos of the company as the preparation of policies and schemes development of the company are based on these considerations. The board should clearly distinguish the duties and powers between the board and direction, the different type of commissions set up by the board, and different between the president and the CEO in the board charter Other than that, the board besides should include the procedures and processs for convening board meetings inside the board charter and the board charter besides should be review regulative by the board and the board charter should print on the company functionary web site. Committees of the board besides play an of import function in the administration procedure and each commission of the board should hold a written charter, which has been approved by the board and disclosed in the one-year study. Therefore, we can see that in MCCG 2012 had recommended that a company should do it board charter transparent to the populace which the old MCCG do non set concern on that.

2.2 Reason for board to reexamine their maps and place

Reinforce independence- Harmonizing to recommendation 3.1 of MCCG 2012 recommended that the board should set about an appraisal or rating of its independent managers yearly. Independent managers can assist to cut down hazards originating from struggle of involvement or undue influence from interested parties by brings independent and nonsubjective judgement to the board. Exercise and nonsubjective judgement of the being independent managers on the board by itself can be compromised by, amongst others, acquaintance or close relationship with other members of the Board. Therefore, it is important for the board to carry on an one-year appraisal of the independency of its independent managers. When carry oning independency, the board should concentrate beyond the independent manager 's household relationships, background and economic to see whether the independent manager is able to go on supply independent and nonsubjective judgement deliberations. Criteria to measure independency should be establishes by the nominating Committee. The board of managers should use these standards at the clip of admittance, yearly and development of any new involvements or relationships. The board of managers should disclosed that the company has carried out the rating on assignment or reappointment of independent managers in the one-year study and any notice convening a general meeting. Other than relationships, background and economic, the rating standards for independency of managers should besides include term of office. By mentioning to the chief 3 recommendation 3.2 of MCCG2012 had recommended that the term of office of the independent managers should be no more than a cumulative period of nine old ages. Upon completion of the nine old ages, an independent manager may redesign as a non- independent manager and continue to function on the board. Independence may impair by long term of office. Therefore, the maximal term of office of an independent manager is 9 old ages. The nine old ages periods can be either uninterrupted service for 9 old ages or accumulated nine old ages of service with intervals. However, after the 9 old ages period, the independent manager may still go on to function for the board as non- independent manager. However, in chief 3 recommendation 3.3 of MCCG 2012 had stated that an independent manager can stay as an independent manager after functioning a cumulative term of nine old ages may subject to the appraisal of the nominating commission. Other than this, individual who appointed as independent managers must run into the definition of an independent manager to 1.01 and pattern are set out in Note 13 of the Listing demands.

Ensure balance of the board- One of the grounds that the board or president should reexamine their map or place is to guarantee that balance of power and authorization. Harmonizing to chief 3 recommendation 3.4 of MCCG 2012 which had recommended that the places of president and CEO should non be held by a same individual but different persons and the president must be a non-executive member of the board. The ground is because of uniting these places concentrate excessively much power in a individual individual. Furthermore, the board shall consist a bulk of independent managers if the president is non an independent manager in order to guarantee the balance of power and authorization on the board. Separation of the place of Chairman and CEO, can assist to advance answerability and to advance the division of duties between them, can besides assist to keep a balance of power and authorization, so that no one individual has unfettered powers of determination.

Dynamic and complex concern environment- Harmonizing to chief 4 of MCCG 2012 recommended managers should give sufficient clip to carry through their duties, and on a regular basis update their cognition and better their skills.. In chief 4 recommendation 4.2 of MCCG 2012 stated that the board should guarantee its members have entree to allow go oning instruction coders. In a dynamic and complex concern environment, it is necessary that managers devote sufficient clip to update their cognition and better their accomplishments through appropriate go oning instruction coders and life-long acquisition which will assist to enable managers to prolong their active engagement in board deliberations. Therefore, the manager able to bring forth a quality scheme and do more dependable determinations, and be able to confront different challenges from a altering environment. . Furthermore, the listing demands states that companies must continuously measure and find the preparation needs that are relevant to their managers. One of the specifying features of professional managers is wisdom and honestness. An single manager 's committedness to sustainable development will advance rational honestness which is a of import portion of good administration and is by extension a portion of each manager 's fiducial duty. Sustainable development will fit Directors with the best serve the involvements of the company.

Actions plan to guarantee internal stakeholder thrust and sound administration.

There are few actions that the board and executive can take to guarantee sound administration. One of the actions is development of codification of moral principle of the company. The company can formalise ethical criterion through a codification of behavior and guarantee all members of the company will follow with it.

Development of codification of behavior and moralss within organisation

Measure 1: Involve senior direction

A strong leading is a of import factor in making an ethical civilization in the organisation. Chairman and top executive direction should show leading with regard to values and moralss in the development of an organisational codification of behavior. Engagement of the top executive can assist raise the profile of the codification of behavior within the organisation, and the board and other officer should guarantee that it is aligned with the organisation 's vision and strategic results, and ease the blessing procedure.

Measure 2: Establish a diversified, multi-disciplinary consulting group

In order to increase the effectivity of the organisation codification of behavior, it needs to be relevant to all employees who are capable to it. Therefore, they are stand foring cardinal stakeholders and with cognitive and cultural diverseness which signifier by the multidisciplinary squad and diverse squad. However, if board and executive direction are non able to organize a multidisciplinary squad, the assorted maps within the organisation and particular involvement groups should at least consult in order to understand their demands. Since the believing around values, ethical hazards and expected behaviours will hold been inclusive of the organisation 's work force diverseness, so this will assist to ease the confirmation procedure with employees.

Measure 3: Put the Aims for your Organizational Code

The aims of the codification of behavior demand to be set start from the beginning, as the aims of the codification will act upon the picks made with regard to the content highlighted in the codification. The executive direction of the company should put the aims of the codification at the beginning of clip and explicating to employees what the organisation intends to accomplish with its codification. The effectivity of the codification can be reviewed to mensurate whether the aim are being achieved through linked the aims to expected results.

Measure 4: Customized Code of Conduct for the demands and values aˆ‹aˆ‹of the organisation

To find the organisation 's nucleus values

The first measure in the constitution of the organisation 's Code of Conduct is the board and executive squad demand to find the outlooks of the organisation, for illustration, the intent, powers, duties, responsibilities and duties. Once aspirations have been defined, the top direction should get down audiences with employees on their core organisational values. The nucleus values specify what the organisation represent and the rules by which it will accomplish its ends.

Identifying Hazards: Measuring the potency for behaviors inconsistent with the values

In custom-making the codification to the organisation 's demands, it is of import to concentrate on the hazard countries where behavior may be inconsistent with organisational value because it will increase the relevancy and effectivity of the codification. Examination of countries of hazard for struggles of involvement should include in the hazard appraisal reappraisal. Effective hazard appraisals should done in audience with senior direction, and are validated by center directors

Measure 5: The confirmation organisation codification ( bill of exchange ) behaviour with the bargaining agents and employees.

An effectual organisational codification of behavior is required to consultation with bargaining agents and employees. Therefore, one time the bill of exchange codification of behavior and moralss has been completed, it is necessary to verify its contents with these stakeholders through audience. This will guarantee that the values aˆ‹aˆ‹and outlooks of behaviour related to employees and the environments of their workplace. This is an first-class chance for executive direction and their employees prosecute in the duologue about values aˆ‹aˆ‹and moralss and organisational committedness to keep an ethical civilization in the workplace. Consultations between executive direction and employees may besides place some of the countries where increased preparation, consciousness or farther treatments will be needed during the development stage of the organisational codification and moralss.

Measure 6: Execution and Monitoring organisation codification of behavior and moralss

Development of codification of behavior and moralss of an organizationally is an of import first measure in reenforcing and making an ethical civilization, other of import cardinal factors are communicating, acquisition, leadings, public presentation direction, and training. The boards of the company demand to carefully see how to carry on the codification, in order to maximise its effectivity. Furthermore, board should go oning monitoring and rating of the codification which can assist organisations to find whether the codification is to accomplish its expected consequences.

Execution of corporate societal duty policy

In today organisation, it is important for the company to implement plan of corporate societal duty. A corporate societal duty can assist the company to derive competitory advantages compare to the other company which had non implement the CSR plan. Basically, Corporate societal duty is means that a corporate enterprise to measure and take duty for the company 's effects on the environment and impact on societal public assistance and besides provide just intervention of all stakeholders such as employees, consumers, provider. The followers will be the stairss for the company to implement a corporate societal duty policy:

Measure 1: Explore commercial chances and analysis of the concern environment

Internal CSR working group

Actively affect your employees in the design and execution of CSR policies. This will forestall deficient support for the CSR policy from the administration in the hereafter. Ensure that the relevant sections are represented in the working group, i.e. the direction, buying, production, HR, selling and communications. Make the treatment of CSR an built-in portion of squad meetings and be originative. CSR demands an advanced expression at the company.In order to find the concern instance of corporate societal duty for the company, it is of import for the board to first cognize what is the outlook of stakeholders from company in the field of CSR.. Therefore, the president and executive direction should later associate the outlook of the stakeholder to the company nucleus activities and interpret into concern chances every bit many as possible. However, the board of company should non to make this alone but put together an internal working group to travel through together and supported on the policy program. An illustration of the internal working group will be the employees of the company who executing the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operation work of the company. The board can pass on with employees about CSR attempts. The board should take an involvement non merely in what their employees say, but besides in what they really know. In order to guarantee internal stakeholder thrust, the board besides can ask for employee sentiment or believing about where the company directs its CSR attempts or promote employees direct engagement in those attempts. Beside this, the board besides should necessitate the stakeholders regular communicating about CSR end and acknowledge the parts of the employees, as they have invested the most energy, clip and committedness towards accomplishing those ends.

Measure 2: Evaluation on the company

After the completion of measure 1, the executive direction should hold an thought of the precedence corporate societal duty offers to the company and how to react to stakeholder outlooks on the corporate societal duty of the company. The following measure for the board is to size up company within the context of corporate societal duty. By making this, it can assist to give the board an thought of what company CSR policy program should be aimed.

Measure 3: Put the ends of CSR policy

In measure 3, the executive direction can choose the hazard, betterment points and concern oppurtunity that need to concentrate, so later formulate selected betterment point, rish and concern oppurtunity. After that, the board and executive direction should find which are short term ends and long term ends. After that, the direction besides can find whether extra informations and research are neccessary for the CSR aims and see whether to. fall in a sector-specific CSR ( audit ) programme which can assist to give the company CSR policy more impact.

Measure 4: CSR policy program

After the company determined which CSR ends have precedence, so the executive manangement can get down conform the aims and actitivies of corporate societal duty aims and activities into the current procedure and system. The executive manangement required to apportion the duty and responsibility to the staff for achieve the end. After allocated responsibility for the staff, policy program is now ready and company can take action. Futhermore, direction of the company demand to put out CSR policy program on the company offficial web site and to reexamine and update it on a regular basis. Last, executive direction should do certain the employees are understand their function in implementing corporate societal duty.


As a decision, it is of import for all board members to reconsider their function and responsibility in today organisation in order to follow with the jurisprudence and ordinance such as the Bursa Malaysia Listing Requirement and other administration model. Futhermore, its is important for the president of the board and other officer of the company to implement some action program such as development of codification of behavior and moralss of the company, and execution of corporate societal duty policy of the company in order to guarantee sound administration while facilitate the company to stay its competitory advantages.

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