Essays on Japanese Culture

Essays on Japanese Culture

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Culture, Traditions and Religious Beliefs of Japan

Normally, a people’s culture as the total way of life is as a result of the historical, socio-cultural developments of that community. The case is not any different from that of the Japanese culture. This development is clearly exemplified by the fact that virtually all …

BuddhismJapanese CultureReligion
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An Overview of the Japanese Culture and Morals

Education in Japan, one will find various insights into Japanese culture. Japans approach to education reflects Japanese values.Modern Japan is quite an amazing place where people act proper and have great values. The Japanese people have a value system that can be reflected well by …

CultureJapanese Culture
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The Japanese Culture

The Japanese culture in unlike any other in the world. It has long been known for its excellence in education and its strong background of family and religion.The Japanese culture dates back to 10,000 BC with many fascinating periods and events. They span from the …

AsiaChinaJapanese Culture
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Becoming Culturally Competent – Japanese Culture

Aside from European American culture, a culture that has always been interesting to me is Japanese culture. Japanese culture is very different from European American culture when it comes to their beliefs, values, and customs. To explain, some of the things Japanese culture consists of …

CultureJapanese Culture
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A Review of Japanese Culture in Seven Samurai, a Movie My Akira Kurosawa

The movie Seven Samurai, directed by Akira Kurosawa and released in 1954, is based around a small village of farmers who are presented with the direct danger of being attacked by a group of bandits looking to pillage their rice crop. Being both outnumbered and …

CultureJapanese Culture
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Pink Globalization: Hello Kitty’s Trek Across the Pacific by Christine Yano: The Spread of Japanese Culture Overseas

In her book, Pink Globalization: Hello Kitty’s Trek Across the Pacific, Christine Yano manages to assemble a very effective ethnography, first by providing in depth context into the spread of not only the Hello Kitty franchise but also what Yano calls Japan’s ‘cute-cool’ culture, and …

CultureJapanese Culture
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Cultural Globalisation Through Japanese Culture

Cultural globalization is the rapid traversing of ideas, foreign influences, technologies, spread of language, markets and values across national borders. It not only increases freedom of choice, but also revitalizes cultures and cultural artifacts through interconnectedness and interaction between peoples of diverse cultures and ways …

ChinaGlobalizationJapanese CultureMusic
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The Japanese Feudal System: A Timeless Tapestry of Honor and Obligation

Introduction The Japanese feudal system, an intricate social and political framework that spanned over centuries, continues to captivate historians and enthusiasts alike. Rooted in a delicate balance of power and loyalty, this system governed Japan from the 12th to the 19th century. Characterized by a …

CultureJapanese CulturePolitics
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The culture of Japan has changed greatly over the millennia, from the country's prehistoric Jōmon period, to its contemporary modern culture, which absorbs influences from Asia and other regions of the world.


During its classical period, Japan was highly influenced by Chinese culture. The influence of Buddhism, Confucianism, and other elements of Chinese culture had a profound impact on the development of Japanese culture.

Golden age

The Heian PeriodHeian PeriodThe Heian period is also considered the peak of the Japanese imperial court and noted for its art, especially poetry and literature. Two types of Japanese script emerged, including katakana, a phonetic script which was abbreviated into hiragana, a cursive alphabet with a unique writing method distinctive to Japan. Heian_periodHeian period - (794 – 1185 CE) is considered Japan's “Golden Age,” a high point in Japanese culture that greatly influenced art and architecture. Early Heian period sculptures inherited and modified late Nara period sculptural forms while developing new depictions of Esoteric Buddhist deities .

Books on Japanese culture

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Frequently asked questions

How would you describe Japan culture?
Japan culture is a unique blend of traditional and modern influences. On one hand, Japan has a rich history and culture dating back thousands of years. This is evident in everything from the country's architecture and art to its food and religion. On the other hand, Japan is a highly industrialized nation with a very modern lifestyle. This can be seen in the country's bustling cities, cutting-edge technology, and fashion-forward fashion.In general, Japanese culture is known for its discipline, orderliness, and respect for authority. This is reflected in the country's strict social hierarchy and its emphasis on etiquette and honor. At the same time, Japanese culture is also known for its creativity, innovation, and quirkiness. This can be seen in the country's unique art, music, and fashion.
What is very important in Japanese culture?
Some of the most important things include:-Respect for elders and authority figures-The importance of the family unit-The importance of education-The importance of hard work-The importance of personal honor and integrityAll of these things are important in Japanese culture because they help to maintain order and stability within society. They also promote values that are important in Japanese society, such as respect, responsibility, and diligence.
What is interesting to know about Japanese culture?
There are a number of interesting aspects to Japanese culture. For example, the country has a rich history and tradition of art and literature. Additionally, Japanese culture is known for its unique cuisine, which often incorporates seafood and rice. Furthermore, Japanese culture is known for its samurai warriors, who were a highly skilled and respected class of people in medieval Japan.

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