An Essay on the French Movie ”the Intouchables”

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Intouchables CAD report by Sascha Peters on this movie played in movietheatre lumiere. General information I went to the French movie Intouchables at Lumiere a couple of days ago. It was directed by the duo Olivier Nakache en Eric Toledano. It is a dramatic comedy, based on a real story. The movie was made in 2011 and the lead actors are Philippe (Francois Cluzet) an Driss (Omar Sy) Content

In Paris, the upper-class and academic Philippe is a quadriplegic millionaire that is interviewing candidates for the position of his caretaker. Out of the blue, the rude African Driss cuts the line of candidates and brings a document from the Social Security and asks Philippe to sign it to prove that he is seeking a job position to receive his unemployment insurance. Philippe challenges Driss and offers a period of adaptation of one week to him to gain experience helping him.

Then Driss would decide whether he would like to stay with him or not. Driss accepts the bet and moves to the mansion, changing the boring life of Philippe and his employees. The two develop a remarkable friendship. The most important characters in the movie are Driss and Philippe. Driss is a poor black man from the French ghettos in Paris, the Banlieux. He is into Cool and the Gang and music like that. He feels very responsible for his family and in the end this makes him have to give up his nice life.

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He is not really open-minded towards art and classical music, but in the end he has made his own painting and sold it to a gallery. Philippe is a very rich, quadriplegic man fond of classical music and art. He has got humour but can also be very serious. His wife has died and he now has a young lady from northern France whom he writes poems and letters to. The goal of the directors was to touch people with the beautiful story, but bring it lightly and in a fun way. The main theme is friendship.

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