An Analytical Essay Concerns and Issues Raised in the Trump Campaign and Presidency

Last Updated: 28 Feb 2023
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"Make America Great Again" is the slogan associated with Donald Trump's campaign for presidency. On November 8th, 2016, some people were celebrating and some were terrified for the future of America. 2 years after election day and halfway into his term, Trump has succeeded in accomplishing his goals, but in doing as such has failed Americans. Even those who initially supported him are disappointed. his failure to solve immigration problems, disregard for the environment, and embarrassing the nation on the global stage are only some of the issues that lead to his administration becoming a failure thus far.

Throughout the Trump campaign, he adamantly promised to solve the problem of immigration by building a wall between the US and Mexico and deporting all illegal immigrants. His plans for building a wall have had no success. Prototypes of the wall have all been breachable- not a good sign for an endeavor that would cost 5 billion dollars. For someone against federal spending, a financially burdensome wall seems unthinkable. He claims that Mexico will pay for the wall, but given that there is no good reason for Mexico to pay such an extravagant amount of money for a wall that has no benefit to them, its unimaginable that they would ever pay for it.

Another promise involves prosecuting every illegal immigrant, as per his zero-tolerance policy. As a result, hundreds of children were separated from their families and held in custody by the US Health and Human services department. This is a cruel and unnecessary way of handling illegal immigration. In past administrations, the children would stay with their parents while being processed. Now, innocent children are being punished and trump's response is essentially that their parents shouldn't have come illegally.

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Along with immigration, the trump administration is changing environmental policies. One of the most significant events was the US pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, a global pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to reduce global warming. By abandoning this agreement, The United States has denounced it's responsibility to reduce global warming. Instead of being in favor of climate control, trump advocates the coal industry. One of his campaign promises was to bring back the coal industry- and he effectively reduced restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions. The trump administration has also made drastic budget cuts to the EPA, resulting in lower standards for air and water pollution . As a world leader, America should be embracing clean energy before the damage becomes irreversible.

Donald Trump has embarrassed us innumerable times on the global stage. His appraisal of dictators such as Kim Jong-un and Vladmir Putin is concerning to Americans and has some people questioning his intentions as our leader. At the Helskinky press conference, he publicly excused Putin after US intelligence stated that the Russian government attempted to interfere with the 2016 election . By rejecting his own agencies to defend his alliance with Russia, he is inviting other countries to do the same as long as it benefits him and jeopardizing our safety. Trump has also praised Kim Jong-Un's authoritarian rule and indicated that he wants to resemble him . He is damaging our reputation not only by giving credibility to totalitarian leaders, but also by acting disrespectfully on social media. On Twitter he posts many offensive comments, including one in which he writes that Joe Biden is "weak, both mentally and physically," and another in which he refers to author Charles Krauthammer as a "clown."During his speech at the 2018 United Nations General Assembly, world leaders laughed at him after he boasted his accomplishments . The world is laughing at him, and at our nation.

Perhaps our president's administration has had some success economically, but that does not make up for his many failures. He has let down refugees, the environment, and his own people. However, there is still time for him to redeem himself in the next two years.

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